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    Name:  Kayley Hurley
    Email:  kayley.hurley@usd305.com
    Phone #:  785.309.3751
    Classroom:  201
    Subject or Grade:  ESL High School
    1  Beginning Reading
    2  Intermediate Reading
    3  Intermediate English
    4  ELO
    5  Plan
    6  Beginning English
    7  English with Mrs. Sheforgen
    8  English with Mrs. Clouston
    Hello! I have worked at Salina South High teaching ESL since the 2015-2016 school year. Byron Obando and Abi Aranda are our Spanish Bilingual Assistants. 
    My primary website is Google Classroom. Students can access it at any time. If you want to access Google Classroom, please ask your student for their username and password and you may access it on any computer.