Ms. Hagaman

    Name:  Megan L. Hagaman
    Phone #:  (785) 309-3825
    Classroom:  700
    Subject or Grade:  Debate/Forensics/Speech
    About Ms. H: Nearly 20 years ago, in High School, I fell in love with debate and forensics. This is my 20th year of involvement in debate and forensics. I have been a high school competitor, a college competitor, an assistant coach, and now a head coach beginning my 9th year of coaching. I truly feel that oral communication skills are important for all students and that all students can find a way to be successful in my classroom. I am excited to continue the tradition of excellence in debate and forensics at South High! 

     Class Schedule Fall 2017

    Green Days

    1 Block: Speech

    3 Block: Plan

    5 Block: Debate/Adv. Debate

    7 Block: Speech

    Gold Days

    2 Block: Speech

    4 Block: ELO A Plan/ELO B

    6 Block: Debate/Adv. Debate

    8 Block Speech