• Mr. Hair
    Name:  Michael Hair
    Phone #: 785-309-3500
    Classroom: 152
    Subject or Grade: Drafting
    The Salina Central Drafting Program currently offers a career pathway program for Architectural Drafting.  Students interested in becoming a completer in the Architectural Drafting strand take a sequence of courses through High School.  The state is currently working on a strand for an Engineering Drafting pathway.
    The sequence includes:
    Architectural Drafting Pathway
    1. Basic Drafting
    2. Computer Aided Drafting (CAD)
    3. Architectural Drafting
    4. Research (Architectural Drafting) 
    Engineering Drafting Pathway 
    1. Basic Drafting
    2. Computer Aided Drafting (CAD)
    3. Engineering Drafting
    4. Engineering Drafting 2
    The Drafting program is state approved and if students are not interested or unable to complete a strand, they are still encouraged to enroll in courses which meet their interest. 
Last Modified on October 16, 2009