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    Germs are everywhere we go! You need to know what these little guys look like and where they live to keep healthy! It is important for you to know how these germs get into your body and what they do. Get your detective hat and microscope ready because you are about to become an expert on these tiny organisms.




    The Task

    On this webquest you will investigate the different types of germs and how they make you sick.  While you explore the websites in the resources section you will need to answer the questions on the worksheet. After you turn in the worksheet, you will make a set clues for a game of “Who Am I?”  


    Get your germs worksheet here.




    What Are Germs?

    Use the information on this site to learn more about the 4 major types of germs and what they do to our bodies.

    Fungal Infections

    Use this site to learn more about fungus.

    Bacteria in our Food?

    Use this site to explore one type of bacteria that comes from the food we eat.

    Chicken Pox

    Use this information to find out what type of germ the chicken pox are.


    Read this website to learn about one more type of germ... worms!

    Viruses vs. Bacteria

    Use this site to learn what the differences are between viruses and bacteria.

    Helpful Germs?!?

    Use this site to find out about some ways that germs are helpful to humans.

    Infection Detection

    When you have finished your worksheet look at the information on this site and play some of the games to learn a bit more than you already know.

    Microbe Zoo

    This is another fun site to learn more about microbes. Go here after you have finished your worksheet.



    The Process

    1.   Use the resources above to find out more about germs.

    2.  Complete the worksheet as you visit the websites.

    3.  Using the answers to your worksheet and the websites available to you write three “Who Am I?” clues for one of your favorite types of germs.

    4.  Turn in your worksheet and “Who Am I?” clues.


    Click here to see the rubric.




    Learning Advice

    Make sure you look at the websites and read them carefully for the answers to the worksheet.  All the answers to the worksheet are on these sites. Only look at the sites I gave you in the resources section. Have fun with this and check out all the information on the websites.




    WOW!! You have learned a lot! You are now an expert on germs and what they do to our bodies. Now it's time for you to see if you can trick your friends with your “Who Am I?” clues. Have fun!




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