• Teaching and Learning
    In USD 305, we believe
    • Each individual deserves a supportive and caring environment.
    • Teachers are catalysts to create a learning environment where kids are curious and their minds are stimulated, motivating them to take risks while learning.
    • It is our responsibility to positively affect the academic and social/emotional growth of our students and staff with the hope of strengthening our community.
    • We must support, inspire, and guide the creation of school communities that foster healthy relationships, academic growth, grit, and sensitivity to social/emotional needs.
    • We must create a culture of empowerment, innovative thinking and problem solving.
    • We must be responsive to students’ needs while focusing on the whole child’s individual success.

    The School Improvement Department members believe

    • Students must be at the center of all decisions.
    • We must be responsive to student needs.
    • It is healthy to challenge status quo.
    • We are obligated to continue our own learning.

    Tiffany SnyderTiffany Snyder
    Executive Director of Teaching and Learning
    Executive Assistant
    Essential Questions

    What do we want students to learn?
    How will we determine they have learned it?
    What do you do with a student that didn’t learn it?
    What do you do with a student that has already learned the information?
    What are the most effective instructional practices to ensure student learning?







Last Modified on July 2, 2019