• Question:
    Can I have my PED'S at school?
    PED'S: personal entertainment devices, ex: MP3, IPod, gaming system, cell phone
    MP3 at school
    Yes, but each student assumes the responsibility
    of their property. Opportunity Now assumes NO
    responsibility for anything lost, broken, or stolen.
    Can I use my PED'S in class?
    use of MP3
    Only when on BLUE LEVEL and permission has
    been granted by a staff member. Students on WHITE
    LEVEL do not have the opportunity to use PED'S and
    should not expect permission to be granted to use these
    items even during free time. 
    Can I use my PED at lunch if I am on WHITE LEVEL? 
    phone use
    Yes, The use of cell phone or other PED'S is not restricted
    during non-instructional times such as passing periods and
    lunch. However, if they become a distraction then any
    staff can ask you to put your PED'S away and you are
    expected to comply. 
    Question: Can I use the courtyard whenever I’m angry?  anger
    No. With staff permission, you can go up front and ask administration permission to outside to cool down as part of recovery. 
    Question: Can I have a visitor at school? visitor
    Yes, with permission from administrator. They are required call the front desk to schedule a day for the visit. 5 days notice is preferred. Times for vistation are 11:20 - 11:45. If your visitor will be eating lunch, that must be set ahead of time and paid for before the day of visit. 
Last Modified on August 20, 2018