• Name:  Jonathan Eshnaur

    Email:  jonathan.eshnaur@usd305.com

    Phone #:  309-3819

    Classroom: Office 2223  


    Block 1-Earth/Space Science w/ Ms. Palmgren Room 2207

    Block 2-Resource Room

    Block 3-Plan

    Block 4-ELO

    Block 5-Mod. Earth/Space Science Room 2310

    Block 6-Mod Social Studies 3 Room 1404

    Block 7-Mod Social studies 2 Room 1406

    Block 8-Earth/Space Science w/ Ms. Palmgren Room 2207


     If you are a parent and would like to know what is going on in your child's classroom please send me an email: jonathan.eshnaur@usd305.com

    Jonathan Eshnaur (Fall 2016)