•  Mr. Colton
    Name:  Daniel Colton
    Phone #:  (785)309-3790
    Classroom:  STEM Wing #1309
    Subject or Grade:  Geometry Teacher
    GREEN DAYS                             
    Block 1:  7:45-9:18  (Geometry)
    Block 3:  9:23-10:56  (PBD)
    Block 5:  11:01-1:02  (Geometry)
    Block 7:  1:07-2:40  (Plan)
    Block 2:  7:45-9:18  (Geometry)
    ELO A:    9:23-10:07  (ELO)
    ELO B:    10:11-10:56  (Plan)
    Block 6:  11:01-1:02  (Geometry)
    Block 8:  1:07-2:40  (Geometry)
    The best time to reach me is before school (7:10-7:40) or on Green days between the times of 1:07-2:40.
    About Me:  I started my career six years ago here at Salina South.  Currently I teach Geometry, and am an assistant coach for football and girls basketball.  As the great Loren Banninger once said, "It's a GREAT day to be a Cougar!"