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Renaissance Teachers of the Month


October 2018


Central High School's Teacher of the Month is Teree Rohleder. This is her 24th year of teaching and her eighth year at Salina Central where she teaches English I and Advanced English I. Teree had two role models who were her inspiration. Her dad, who was her middle school math teacher and her high school debate coach. She loved debate and coached debate for 16 years. Teree says she loves the fact that every August is like a do-over, something that she can improve on each year. The part of teaching she enjoys the most is interacting with students and watching them grow as people. She also loves hearing from her students after she has taught them and find out what they have accomplished. Her message to parents is always pay attention to your students' education. Monitor grades online, e-mail or call teachers with questions and talk to your child about what they are doing in school. Your support is vital to their success.


Lakewood's Teacher of the Month is Elizabeth Kinion. This is her 19th year of teaching and her first year at Lakewood Middle as a Library Media Specialist. She chose teaching as her career because of her second grade teacher, Miss Barbara Willis, who was her inspiration. Elizabeth says she was always devoted to her students and their learning and she always made her want to do her best. Elizabeth says she has always loved to read and now as a librarian she gets to be surrounded by books all day. The part of teaching she enjoys the most is the excitement in students when they learn something new and seeing students' enthusiasm for books and learning. Her message to parents is to encourage students to keep reading and learning. Keep visiting the library.


South High's Teacher of the Month is TJ Slade. This is his first year teaching business and technology at South High. TJ chose teaching as a profession because it gives him the opportunity to make a lasting impact on every student inside and outside the classroom. TJ's inspiration were his parents because they are both amazing teachers. TJ's favorite part of teaching is the relationships he forms with students. He enjoys discovering what a student's interests and likes are so that he can form better relationships with the students. TJ is the webmaster for South High, is the Business Professionals of America sponsor and also coaches the 8th grade Salina South Middle school football team. His message to parents is to get involved with school by initiating a conversation with a teacher and if you have a great idea for a project, e-mail a teacher. TJ says he loves when community members can share a work experience that will enhance his students' learning.


South Middle's Teacher of the Month is Amy Frost. This is her 17th year of teaching and fourth year at South Middle where she teaches 8th grade Career and Life. Amy says unfortunately they didn't have a Careers and Life Planning class when she was in high school. When she graduated her mother told her the way she loves kids, she would be a great teacher. Amy says thank goodness she followed her mom's advice. The best part of teaching for Amy is getting to know the students. They make her laugh every single day. Amy says that when you love what you do, it isn't work. Her message to parents is to continue to support your students at home. It makes a teacher's life so much easier. She also wants to thank parents for letting her be a part of their childrens' lives.



September 2018


Central High School's Teacher of the Month is Michael Stauffer. This is his third year teaching at Central High where he teaches World History, Introduction to Public Service Careers and American Justice. Michael chose teaching as his profession because he loves history and it sparked his interest. He loves the culture of school, the learning, connections and spirit of high school. He says Mr. VanSickle, his 7th grade history teacher was his inspiration. Michael says he likes something to belong to, something to believe in and school spirit which is what Mustang spirit is all about. The part of teaching he enjoys the most is showing students their rights as a citizen, how to act in society and how to challenge themselves. Michael says he really enjoys the culture of Central. He always strives to make himself, the students and Central as a whole better. It is his goal to make it a great place to learn, have fun and be a part of something.


Lakewood's Teacher of the Month is Michael Billinger. This is the beginning of his second year at Lakewood Middle where he teaches Digital Literacy. Michael said he was inspired by his teachers who made him want to go to school every day. They made school fun and enjoyable and it is his goal to be that teacher for as many students as he can. He says what he likes best about Lakewood Middle is having students say that his class is their favorite class. The part of teaching Michael enjoys the most is helping students with problems that happen outside of his classroom. His message to parents is that from what he has seen, most issues from student to teacher or teacher to parent comes from miscommunications. He hopes more people will ask questions before demanding answers. 





South High's Teacher of the Month is Lesa Landauer. She is a special education teacher at South High where she has been teaching for 28 years. Although she has been teaching for 28 years, this is her first year at South High. Lesa chose teaching as her profession due to the numerous role models in her life that were teachers. Both of her parents were teachers. Lesa cares about children and teaching gives her the opportunity to have an active role in her students' learning. She enjoys the challenge that comes with teaching; specifically, she loves helping students reach their highest level of success and independence and she says it is super satisfying to watch a child smile with excitement when they accomplish a task or concept. Lesa advocates that all parents, guardians and community members of Salina must play a role in developing the lives of our children. Her message of being actively involved in a child's life, both inside and outside the classroom, will result in more success when teachers partner together.




South Middle's Teacher of the Month is Kandis Crawford. She has been teaching for 18 years, a paraprofessional for five years and a school library aide for two years. Kandis chose teaching as her profession because she wanted to share her love for reading and writing with students. Her inspiration was her high school math teacher, Mrs. Husband, because she believed all her students could succeed. The part of teaching Kandis enjoys the most is celebrating with students who continue to make progress in their reading skills. Her message to parents and the community is how important reading is for our children and is a major key in their success as young adults.