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Renaissance Teachers of the Month



September 2017



Central High School's Teacher of the Month is Doug Finch. He has been teaching 29 years and 30 years coaching with 14 years being at Central High. Doug teaches PE and Leadership at Central High. Doug chose teaching as his profession because he loves coaching basketball, but he soon realized when he was around students he is coaching all the time; in classrooms, hallways, cafeteria, etc. Doug says his parents and Cloud County basketball coach Dennis Erkenbrack inspired him to become a teacher/coach. His favorite subject is PE because students will always be concerned about their health and wellness, so the lifetime benefit is huge. He says therefore his class is more about participation and less about competition. Doug says the relationships you build as a teacher and coach are amazing. He says his door is always open to any student at Central High. His message to parents and the community is that Central High is an amazing school that provides something for every student to get involved in, whether it be a club, organization or sport. The opportunities are endless.


Lakewood's Teacher of the Month is Laurie Doll. She has been teaching a total of 29 years with 12 years being at Lakewood Middle. She teaches Intensive Reading Grades 6-8. Laurie says she chose teaching as her profession because she had great teachers that were good role models and influenced her to become a teacher. Her favorite part about teaching is seeing students who work hard finally achieve their goal. Laurie says she enjoys the people she works with and loves seeing students that want to be successful work hard and find success. Her message to parents is to talk to your child about their day. Show them you care about them and that they are important in your life. 





South High's Teacher of the Month is Mary Wagoner. She teaches Band at South High where she has been teaching for 2 years. Mary chose teaching as her profession because she wanted to pass on her love of music to students. Mary says her inspiration was her band teacher. The part of teaching Mary enjoys the most is seeing her students' successes and growth. Her message to parents and the community is to keep students involved in music.




South Middle's Teacher of the Month is Matt Gerry. He has been teaching for 15 years all of them at South Middle. He teaches guitar/6th grade music. Matt chose teaching as his profession because he has an intensive love for music and wants to share that with his students. The part of teaching Matt enjoys the most is how South Middle has so many well-rounded students and how many are involved in lots of activities and are very supportive of each other. He loves to see his students excel in their performances and watch them grow in their abilites and confidence. His message to parents and the community is the arts are an important part of our children's education. Support and advocate for the arts in our school.