August 14, 2018

August 14, 2018
Posted on 08/14/2018


The board of education held a public hearing for the 2018-2019 budget.

Approve 2018-2019 Budget

The board of education approved the 2018-2019 budget.

Personnel Report

Transfer of Certified Contract(s) for 2018-2019

  • Arnold, Marilyn, high incidence special education/CKCIE, high incidence special education/Oakdale Elementary/CKCIE
  • Beal, Leona, Title I/Oakdale Elementary, grade 3/Oakdale Elementary
  • Brake, Kelly, grade 3/Oakdale Elementary, grade 3/Meadowlark Elementary
  • Wedel, Heidi, grade 1/Oakdale Elementary, grade 1/Stewart Elementary

Classified Appointment(s) for 2018-2019

  • Alderson, Michelle, paraeducator, CKCIE/Pre-School/Abilene
  • Anguiano, Tiffany, paraeducator, CKCIE/Abilene High School
  • Barnes, Rachel, paraeducator, CKCIE/Herington Elementary
  • Becker, Tanner, paraeducator, South Middle School/CKCIE
  • Church, Dee, paraeducator, Meadowlark Elementary/CKCIE
  • Curtis, Christopher, paraeducator, Lakewood Middle School/CKCIE
  • Evans, Mary, paraeducator, CKCIE/Ell-Saline Elementary
  • Garcia Cerna, Maribel, paraeducator, Lakewood Middle School/CKCIE
  • Giauque, Rhonda, lunchroom aide, Oakdale Elementary
  • Goth, Kelly, paraeducator, South Middle School/CKCIE
  • Griem, Amber, paraeducator, Meadowlark Elementary/CKCIE
  • Hardisty, Kristine, paraeducator, Heusner Elementary/CKCIE
  • Hauck, Charles, paraeducator, CKCIE/Minneapolis Jr/Sr/High School
  • Hendricks, Aubree, paraeducator, Coronado Elementary/CKCIE
  • Johannes, Jeanette, paraeducator, Meadowlark Elementary/CKCIE
  • Kavanagh, Brian, football assistant high school, Central High School
  • Lamb, Carla, paraeducator, Sunset pre-kindergarten/CKCIE
  • McBride, Lacey, Title I instructional assistant, Sunset Elementary
  • McMillan, Keysa, teacher assistant III, Heartland Early Education Center
  • Paredes, Mollie, paraeducator, Heusner Elementary/CKCIE
  • Prater, Jenna, paraeducator, Cottonwood Elementary/CKCIE
  • Riddle, Emily, roving food service worker, Central High School
  • Roberts, Steven, paraeducator, South High School/CKCIE
  • Rodriguez, Mariana, night custodian, Heartland Early Education Center
  • Slay, Tacita, paraeducator, CKCIE/Project Search
  • Soukup, Alan, paraeducator, Lakewood Middle School/CKCIE
  • Stryker, Morgan, paraeducator, CKCIE/Herington Elementary
  • Terry, Kaylea, paraeducator, Coronado Elementary/CKCIE
  • Weaver, Kasie, paraeducator, Coronado Elementary/CKCIE
  • Weese, Mary Pat, volleyball assistant high school, South High School
  • Wheeler, Denell, lunchroom aide, Central High School

Classified Resignation(s) for 2017-2018

  • Clark, Tyler, golf assistant boys high school, Central High School
  • Morris, Clara, instructional assistant II, Meadowlark Elementary
  • Olivias, Edna, bilingual educational support staff, Central High School

Classified Resignation(s) for 2018-2019

  • Falcon, Andrew, paraeducator, South High School/CKCIE
  • Griggs, Janet, cashier/cook, Lakewood Middle School
  • Jones, Shareika, paraeducator, Lakewood Middle School/CKCIE
  • Lueth, Chelsy, paraeducator, Meadowlark Elementary/CKCIE
  • Maldonado, Nely, paraeducator, Heusner Elementary/CKCIE
  • Matto, Heather, paraeducator, Schilling Elementary/CKCIE
  • Parks, Katelyn, paraeducator, CKCIE/Chapman Elementary
  • Smith, Dwight, night custodian, Sunset Elementary
  • Soto, Ruth, paraeducator, Stewart Elementary/CKCIE
  • Stelter, Emily, paraeducator, Coronado Elementary/CKCIE
  • Strang, Michelle, paraeducator, Lakewood Middle School/CKCIE
  • Weigel, Nathan, football assistant high school, South High School

Classified Transfer(s) for 2018-2019

  • Cranston, Danielle, accounting technician/District Office, payroll technician/District Office
  • Graves, Phillip, food service worker II/South High School, cook/South High School
  • Harvey, Cindy, paraeducator/South High School/South Middle School/CKCIE, paraeducator/Stewart Elementary/CKCIE
  • Harvey, Debbie, food service worker/cashier/Salina West Alternative, food service worker/cashier/Central High School
  • Howze, Andrea, paraeducator/Coronado Elementary/CKCIE, paraeducator/Heusner Elementary/CKCIE
  • Pierce, Lindsey, paraeducator/Heusner Elementary/CKCIE, paraeducator/Sunset Elementary/CKCIE
  • Thomson, Michelle, cashier/cook/Central High School, cashier/cook/Salina West

Encumbrance Listings

The board of education approved the following encumbrances: (1) DMA Architects, $26,000, replace selected roof sections at South High School and Schilling Elementary School; and (2) Jones Gillam Renz, $115,200, new warehouse storage facility at 1835 S. Broadway

Approve Truck with Cargo Box Bid

The board of education approved the bid for one (1) one-ton truck with cargo box from Ed Bozarth Chevrolet, Inc., in the amount of $31,855.

Approve Truck with Knapheide Tool Box Bid

The board of education approved the bid for one (1) ¾-ton truck from Marshall Motor Company, Inc. in the amount of $34,193.73.

Approve Grant Request

The board of education approved the Child Advocacy and Parenting Services VOCA grant request.

Board Representative Appointments

The board of education approved the following appointments:

1.Central Kansas Cooperative in Education (CKCIE) Board of Control - Carol Brandert, Gabe Grant

2.Salina Parks & Recreation Advisory Board - Jim Fletcher, Gabe Grant

3.Smoky Hill Education Service Center - Ann Zimmerman, Gary Denning (alternate)

4.Head Start Policy Council - Jim Fletcher

  1. Equity Council - Nedra Elbl

6.Salina Education Foundation - Nedra Elbl, Gary Denning

7.Salina Area Chamber of Commerce Board - Nedra Elbl, Board President

8.Salina Adult Education Center (SAEC) - Carol Brandert, Emma Doherty

9.NEA-Salina Executive Board - Carol Brandert, Board Vice-President

10.District Health Council - Emma Doherty

11.Truancy Board - Ann Zimmerman

Board Governance & Operating Procedures

The board of education approved the proposed revision to the Board Governance & Operating Procedures handbook.

School Board Reports

  • Gary Denning, board member, attended the all-staff meeting and a Central High School faculty event.
  • Jim Fletcher, board member, attended the all-staff meeting.
  • Gabe Grant, board member, attended the all-staff meeting.
  • Emma Doherty, board member, attended the all-staff meeting.
  • Carol Brandert, vice-president, attended the all-staff meeting.
  • Nedra Elbl, president, attended a Kansas State Department of Education budget workshop, a Kansas Association of School Boards leadership workshop, the all-staff meeting, the Salina Education Foundation executive meeting and a meeting to offer input for the search for a new city manager.

Upcoming Dates of Importance

Superintendent's Report

Dr. James Hardy, superintendent of schools, complimented executive directors for their work during the summer in preparation for a new school year. Dr. Hardy reported that NEA-Salina ratified the teacher contract with 98 percent support and he expressed appreciation for the collaboration with NEA-Salina. Dr. Hardy informed the board that nearly all 75 new certified staff attended the Rotary luncheon for new teachers. He thanked the Board of Education for attending the all-staff back to school meeting and complimented the teachers of the year, Jacy Murphy and Travis Peterson, for their presentations at that meeting.

Executive Session

The board of education recessed into executive session for attorney/client and student matters.