August 27, 2019

August 27, 2019
Posted on 08/28/2019




August 27, 2019



The board of education recognized Kylene Comeau, Sunset Elementary third grade teacher, as the Elementary Teacher of the Year, and Charlie Todd, South High adaptive math teacher, as the Secondary Teacher of the Year. Read more about their recognition on the district website.


Program Update

Brad Anderson, executive director at Salina Arts & Humanities, gave an update about the Arts Infusion Program.


Personnel Report

Transfer of Certified Contract(s) for 2019-2020

  • Long, Ashley, kindergarten/Cottonwood Elementary, grade 1/Cottonwood Elementary


    Appointment of Supplemental Contract(s) for 2019-2020

  • Chesney, Cassie, forensics assistant high school, Central High School
  • Cullins, Larry, .5 FTE department chair fine arts high school, Central High School
  • Fitzpatrick, Candy, department chair counseling high school, Central High School
  • Hedberg, Jennifer, cheerleader sponsor assistanthigh school, Central High School
  • Lytton, Jeanine, cheerleader sponsor assistant high school, South High School


    Classified Appointment(s) for 2019-2020

  • Alexandres, Michelle, teacher assistant II, Heartland Early Education
  • Allen, Jillian, paraeducator, CKCIE/White City Jr/Sr High School
  • Allen, Lauren, teacher assistant II, Heartland Early Education
  • Bazurto, Alyssa, paraeducator, Meadowlark Elementary/CKCIE
  • Beal, Emma, paraeducator, Meadowlark Elementary/CKCIE
  • Bond, Tara, paraeducator, CKCIE/Minneapolis Elementary
  • Boyd, Pamela, paraeducator, CKCIE/Southeast of Saline
  • Boyer, Kim, lunchroom aide, Stewart Elementary
  • Brown, Kristine, food service worker II, Stewart Elementary
  • Callaway, Sharon, teacher assistant II, Heartland Early Education
  • Campbell, Glenna, lunchroom aide, Meadowlark Elementary/CKCIE
  • Carlson, Lisa, paraeducator, CKCIE
  • Carlson, Michele, family consultant, Heartland Early Education
  • Chaparro, Karissa, volleyball assistant high school, Central High School
  • Christensen, Kalie, paraeducator, CKCIE/Tescott Elementary
  • Cornell, Amanda, paraeducator, CKCIE/Kennedy-Abilene
  • Cunningham, Callie, pre-K paraeducator, CKCIE/Ellsworth Headstart
  • Deiser, Tasha, teacher assistant II, Heartland Early Education
  • Drake, William, paraeducator, Heusner Elementary/CKCIE
  • Duer, Patricia, paraeducator, CKCIE/McKinley-Abilene
  • Elstrom, Caroline, teacher assistant II, Heartland Early Education
  • Foy, Amanda, family consultant, Heartland Early Education
  • Goering, Teresa, paraeducator, Heusner Elementary/CKCIE
  • Grimes, Megan, paraeducator, CKCIE/Minneapolis Jr/Sr High School
  • Guerra, Gabrielle, paraeducator, CKCIE/Eisenhower-Abilene
  • Hardesty, Rebecca, paraeducator, Oakdale Elementary/CKCIE
  • Heart, Emily, paraeducator, Coronado Elementary/CKCIE
  • Henson, Jennifer, paraeducator, CKCIE/Herington Preschool
  • Holland, Bobbie, paraeducator, CKCIE/Abilene High School
  • Holland, Vicki, paraeducator, CKCIE/Herington Elementary
  • Howell, Ashely, paraeducator, Heartland Early Education
  • Hunter, Cameron, soccer assistant boys high school, Central High School
  • Hurtig, Darci, paraeducator, CKCIE/Tescott High School
  • Ingalske, Emily, paraeducator, Coronado Elementary/CKCIE
  • Johnston, Tonya, paraeducator, CKCIE/White City Elementary
  • Jones, Judy, paraeducator, CKCIE/Abilene Middle School
  • Lillich, Olivia, paraeducator, CKCIE/Chapman Middle School
  • Mahood, Laurie, pre-K educator, Heartland Early Education/Enterprise
  • Morris, Heather, teacher assistant II, Oakdale Elementary
  • Morris, Rosa, teacher assistant II, Heartland Early Education
  • Nichols, Cindy, teacher assistant III, Heartland Early Education
  • Nowak, Cheryl, paraeducator, Heusner Elementary/CKCIE
  • Ogle, Teresa, paraeducator, Sunset Elementary/CKCIE
  • Picasso, Alexandra, bilingual educational support staff, Central High School
  • Pruett, Joedy, paraeducator, South Middle School/CKCIE
  • Robins, Maria, paraeducator, CKCIE/Minneapolis Grade School
  • Robinson, Makayla, paraeducator, CKCIE/Chapman Middle School
  • Rolfs, Angela, paraeducator, CKCIE/Ellsworth Elementary
  • Schlegel, Mattie, paraeducator, CKCIE/Abilene High School
  • Smith, Maxine, paraeducator, Heusner Elementary/CKCIE
  • Steffen, Joyce, Title I instructional assistant, Cottonwood Elementary
  • Tapu-Paredes, Dinah, paraeducator, Heusner Elementary/CKCIE
  • Thomas, Charles, paraeducator, Lakewood Middle School/CKCIE
  • Utterback, Lisa, teacher assistant II, Heartland Early Education
  • Warta, Matthew, paraeducator, CKCIE/Herington Middle School
  • Weber, Judy, accompanist, Central High School
  • Wells, Megan, paraeducator, CKCIE/Abilene High School
  • Williams, Caleb, soccer assistant boys high school, South High School
  • Williams, Travis, paraeducator, South High School/CKCIE
  • Windell, Maria, night custodian, South Middle School
  • Wisbey-Wise, Leslie, paraeducator, Coronado Elementary/CKCIE
  • Woodcox, Rachel, teacher assistant II, Heartland Early Education


    Classified Resignation(s) for 2019-2020

  • Allen, Destiny, paraeducator, South High School/CKCIE
  • Arvelo,Cynthia, paraeducator, South High School/CKCIE
  • Baer, Barbara, paraeducator, Schilling Elementary/CKCIE
  • Bieker, Melinda, paraeducator, Oakdale Elementary/CKCIE
  • Capsey, Rachael, Title I instructional assistant, Sunset Elementary
  • Davis-Talkington, Katheryn, paraeducator, Coronado Elementary
  • Duncan, Kathleen, food service supervisor, Salina West
  • Escobedo, Araseli, lunchroom aide, Schilling Elementary/CKCIE
  • Glauque, Rhonda, lunchroom aide, Oakdale Elementary
  • Henely, Andrew, paraeducator, CKCIE/Abilene Middle School
  • Kempke, Carrie, food service worker I, Central High School
  • Miller, Amy, paraeducator, CKCIE/Tescott High School
  • Peoples, Megan, teacher assistant III, Heartland Early Education
  • Ritter, Alora, paraeducator, CKCIE/Abilene Eisenhower
  • Robles, Arely, paraeducator, Schilling Elementary/CKCIE
  • Scott, Diedre, health aide, Central High School
  • Sisler, Dena, paraeducator, Lakewood Middle School/CKCIE
  • Sola, Abby, paraeducator, Lakewood Middle School/CKCIE
  • VanValkenburg, Jaymie, paraeducator, CKCIE/White City Elementary
  • Weber, Britanee, paraeducator, CKCIE/White City Elementary


    Classified Transfer(s) for 2019-2020

  • Chapman, Julia, paraeducator/Cottonwood Elementary/CKCIE, paraeducator/Sunset Elementary/CKCIE
  • Cherry, Danielle, bus monitor/Heartland Early Education, bus driver/Heartland Early Education
  • Freeman, Lindsay, paraeducator/CKCIE/Eisenhower-Abilene, paraeducator/CKCIE/Kennedy Elementary
  • Hiebsch, Sandee, paraeducator/Coronado Elementary/CKCIE, paraeducator/Stewart Elementary/CKCIE
  • Howze, Andrea, paraeducator/Heusner Elementary/CKCIE, paraeducator/Cottonwood Elementary/CKCIE
  • Jeffries, Charlene, paraeducator/Sunset Elementary, Title I instructional assistant/Sunset Elementary
  • McMillian, Cerissa, paraeducator/Cottonwood Elementary/CKCIE, paraeducator/Coronado Elementary/CKCIE
  • Wright, Ginger, food service worker I/Salina West, lunchroom aide/Cottonwood Elementary


    Encumbrance Listings

    The board of education approved the following encumbrances: (1) Eagle, $21,322, VMWare software that allows the district to create virtual servers; and (2) Dell, $28,428, additional chromebooks to fulfill building requests.


    Out-of-State Field Trip

    The board of education approved the Central High Journalism trip to Washington, D.C. on November 21 through November 24, 2019.


    Kansas Education Systems Accreditation (KESA)

    Tiffany Snyder, director of assessment, presented information on the annual updates of progress that each building will present to the board during FY20.


    BOE Student Performance Updates

    Tiffany Snyder presented a schedule to the board on when regular updates of student performance will occur.


    School Board Reports

  • Emma Doherty, board member, attended a Smoky Hill Education Service Center Executive Cabinet meeting.
  • Carol Brandert, board member, attended a Central Kansas Cooperative in Education Board of Control meeting.
  • Gabe Grant, vice-president, attended the NEA-Salina Executive Board meeting.
  • Nedra Elbl, board member, attended the Salina Education Foundation Board meeting.
  • Gary Denning, board member, attended the Salina Education Foundation Board meeting and the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board meeting.
  • Ann Zimmerman, president, attended the Heartland Head Start Policy Council meeting and the Equity Council meeting.


    Upcoming Dates of Importance

  • Tuesday, September 10, SEF Fall Breakfast, Salina Country Club, 7:00 a.m.
  • Saturday, September 14, Teacher-of-the-Year Luncheon, Hilton, Noon
  • Tuesday, October 1, KASB Fall Regional Meeting, McPherson, 5:30 p.m.


Superintendent's Report

Linn Exline, superintendent of schools, reported that she has joined students in multiples schools to walk with them during their marathons. She was interviewed by Larry Michel, former board member, for an edition of Superintendent’s Corner produced by Salina Media Connection. It will air on Channel 21 this fall. Superintendent Exline attended a Central High School pep assembly.