November 13, 2018

November 13, 2018
Posted on 11/13/2018


NEA-Salina Board Appreciation

Jonathan Eshnaur and Karla Nothern recognized and thanked the Board of Education for their service to students and staff at USD 305.

You Make A Difference

The You Make a Difference Award is presented to staff members whose exemplary actions support students, colleagues and the mission of Salina Public Schools. Recipients of these awards receive a lapel pin and a handwritten note personally delivered by a board of education member.

Holly Wentz and Eric Boyle, MIS

When Heusner staff discovered one of their students had a real passion for technology, they arranged a special incentive. Holly and Eric enthusiastically agreed to share their insights and visit with the youth. After the student worked hard for the privilege, all three met to talk about technology. Thank you Eric and Holly for making a difference!

Pat Schrader, Stewart Elementary

Pat has a reputation with her colleagues as being quick to respond when help is needed. When a request for assistance goes out over the Walkie Talkies, Pat always seems to appear. If it is possible to have limitless patience, Pat would qualify based on her work with students who are struggling. Thank you Pat for making a difference!

Personnel Report

Appointment of Certified Contract(s) for 2018-2019

  • Chamberlin, Julie, .58 FTE Title I teacher, Heusner Elementary
  • Reinoehl, Bailey, elementary teacher, USD 305
  • Rockey, Megan, Title I teacher, Sunset Elementary

Transfer of Certified Contract(s) for 2018-2019

  • Cradduck, Sarah, art teacher/Central High School/South High School, art teacher/South High School

Resignation of Certified Contract(s) for 2018-2019

  • Culley, Chuck, .5 FTE History & Government, South High School

Retirement of Certified Contract(s) for 2018-2019

  • Miley, Glynis, physical education/health, Oakdale Elementary

Appointment of Supplemental Contract(s) for 2018-2019

  • Hedlund, Sheryl, art coordinator elementary, District Office
  • Lidgett, Katie, .5 library coordinator elementary, District Office
  • Mammen, Adrienne, .5 Scholars Bowl coach, Lakewood Middle School
  • Pearson, Katie, .5 library coordinator elementary, District Office
  • Seibel, Gary, overload, South High School

Resignation of Supplemental Contract(s) for 2017-2018

  • Finch, Doug, basketball head boys high school, Central High School
  • Turner, Gina, .5 FTE library coordinator elementary, District Office

Classified Appointment(s) for 2018-2019

  • Aistatt, Sheila, high school robotics, Central High School
  • Ballou, Ashley, paraeducator, CKCIE/Solomon High School
  • Barkus, Emily, journalism middle school, Lakewood Middle School
  • Chapman, Julia, paraeducator, Cottonwood Elementary/CKCIE
  • Dolezal, Shelby, family consultant, Heartland Early Education
  • George, Jacob, night custodian, Cottonwood Elementary
  • Gomez, Marissa, paraeducator, CKCIE/Hageman Pre-School
  • Hoelting, Daryl, events coordinator, South Middle School
  • Keune, Bonny, paraeducator, CKCIE/Abilene High School
  • Martinez, Imelda, night custodian, South High School
  • Minnick, Jessica, paraeducator, CKCIE/Headstart-Abilene
  • Montgomery, Emily, basketball assistant girls grade 8, Lakewood Middle School
  • Nece, Aingelina, night custodian, South High School
  • Olson, Patsy, paraeducator, Meadowlark Elementary/CKCIE
  • Reyna, Jesus, night custodian, South Middle School
  • Ross, Rashora, paraeducator, CKCIE/Learn and Grow Abilene
  • Schneider, Stacey, roving food service worker, Central High School
  • Stimatze, Brittany, paraeducator, South High School/CKCIE
  • Thomas, Sandra, paraeducator, South High School/CKCIE
  • Zook, Allie, teacher assistant III, Heartland Early Education

Classified Resignation(s) for 2018-2019

  • Cockrell, Ronda, teacher assistant III, Heartland Early Education
  • Dye, Tina, attendance clerk, South High School
  • Figgs, Joel, paraeducator, Lakewood Middle School/CKCIE
  • Flores Medina, Paloma, paraeducator, CKCIE
  • Gomez, Marissa, paraeducator, CKCIE Preschool
  • Gregg, Mikayla, paraeducator, South High School/CKCIE
  • Johannes, Jeanette, paraeducator, Meadowlark Elementary/CKCIE
  • Larsen, Lynn, paraeducator, South Middle School
  • Main, Jarrod, night custodian, Central High School
  • McCready, Scott, instructional assistant II, South High School
  • Paris, Jamie, paraeducator, Schilling Elementary/CKCIE
  • Pinkall Hernandez, Tayler, teacher assistant II, Oakdale Elementary
  • Prater, Jenna, paraeducator, Cottonwood Elementary/CKCIE
  • Richardson, Joleen, food service worker II, Central High School
  • Wallace, William, night custodian, Lakewood Middle School
  • Wheeler, Denell, lunchroom aide, Central High School

Classified Transfer(s) for 2018-2019

  • Anguiano, Tiffany, paraeducator/CKCIE/Abilene High School, paraeducator/Solomon Jr/Sr. High/CKCIE
  • Barnett, Jori, paraeducator/CKCIE/McKinley Abilene, paraeducator/Learn & Grow Abilene/CKCIE
  • Holtz, Wendy, paraeducator/Coronado Elementary/CKCIE, paraeducator/CKCIE/Southeast of Saline High School
  • Johnson, Connie, teacher assistant II/Heartland Early Education, teacher assistant II/Oakdale Elementary
  • Ross, Rashara, paraeducator/Learn & Grow Abilene/CKCIE, paraeducator/McKinley/CKCIE
  • Tiernan, Patrick, overnight custodian/Central High School, night custodian/Central High School
  • Tran, Kevin, night custodian/Lakewood Middle School, kitchen manager/Heartland Early Education

Heartland Federal Head Start Application

The board of education approved the Heartland Federal Head Start Supplemental Funds application to increase program hours to children enrolled in Head Start center-based classrooms.

Out-of-State Field Trip

The board of education approved the South High Robotics trip to Fort Smith, AR on November 30 to December 1, 2018.

School Board Reports

  • Gabe Grant, board member, attended the Central Kansas Cooperative in Education Board of Control meeting.
  • Ann Zimmerman, board member, attended Smoky Hill Education Service Center (SHESC) Executive Cabinet meetings, the legislative luncheon, plays at both Central (CHS) and South (SHS) high schools and arranged 72 personal performances for the Arts Infusion program.
  • Jim Fletcher, board member, attended the Heartland Policy Council meeting, the SHS play and the Chisholm Trail concert.
  • Gary Denning, board member, attended the legislative luncheon, the SHESC Executive Cabinet meeting and delivered You Make a Difference Awards.
  • Emma Doherty, board member, attended the legislative luncheon and the Women of Achievement Awards luncheon.
  • Nedra Elbl, board president, attended the legislative luncheon, the Chamber of Commerce Board meeting, plays at CHS and SHS, the Women of Achievement Awards luncheon and delivered a You Make a Difference Award.

Upcoming Dates of Importance

  • November 30-December 2, KASB Annual Convention, Overland Park
  • Thursday, December 13, DCP Graduation, Salina West, 4:00 p.m.
  • Thursday, January 10, BOE Special Meeting, 5:30 p.m.

Superintendent's Report

Dr. James Hardy, superintendent of schools, attended the English as a Second Language celebrations at Schilling and Coronado elementary schools. He attended the Women of Achievement Awards luncheon where board member Ann Zimmerman was honored. Dr. Hardy, along with Lisa Peters, executive director of business, is attending all Site Council meetings. He attended the legislative luncheon and will be attending a Kansas State High School Activities Association meeting to discuss middle school league placement.

Executive Session

The board of education recessed into executive session for personnel.


The board of education reviewed the KASB Legislative Committee Report and received an update on facilities from Kris Upson, executive director of operations.