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You Make a Difference

You Make A Difference / February 13, 2024

Staff members are nominated by colleagues to receive a You Make a Difference Award for their support of students and the mission of Salina Public Schools. Board of Education members surprise recipients during their workday with a lapel pin and a handwritten note. 

Jesus “Dany” Herrera, Assistant Cook
Kitchen 2, Central High School

When the bustle of lunchtime begins at Central, Dany’s smile stands out. She warmly welcomes students; her enthusiasm for life is evident and inspiring to everyone around her. Dany’s politeness and considerate nature support the school community and help nurture our students. Thank you Dany, for making a difference!

Darren Bock, Building Mechanic
Central High School

Darren’s willingness to go beyond his job duties to help make Salina Public Schools a great place to be was demonstrated during a winter storm. A student had gotten her car caught in a snow drift near Salina Stadium and Darren showed up ready to help. Though there were many needs for Central’s building mechanic to attend to, he put our student first. Thank you, Darren, for making a difference!

Doug Stein, Facility Manager
Central High School

Doug was contacted during the January storm about a student’s car stuck in a snow drift. He was quick to respond, shovels in hand. His kindness to the student was expressed when he instructed her to, “stay in the car and warm up,” while he and Darren freed her car. Afterward, he worked with a colleague to plow the road to avoid further issues. Thank you Doug, for making a difference and making Salina Public Schools a great place to be!