Equity Council


Salina USD 305 Equity Council

The Salina USD 305 Equity Council strives to strengthen our school district environment of respect, acceptance and appreciation. The group is made up of individuals including community members, staff and students. They are tasked with identifying challenges by reviewing data, information and feedback. Their work results in recommendations and strategies to the USD 305 Board of Education.

Overview: August 27, 2020

Tiffany Lowe, Director of Student Support Services and facilitator for the Equity Council, led the group in an introductory activity and reviewed notes from the August 20 new member training meeting. She updated members about staff’s use of training materials provided by the council last year. She shared that over 700 staff members experienced the study units last year and that because of the interruption caused by COVID-19 many want to review the data again this year. In July, Tiffany presented more information to administrators about micro aggressions, in response to their request to work with this topic more. She reported that in September administrators will be participating in a Roots of Justice training. (A Roots of Justice training had to be canceled in June due to COVID-19 and though it is rescheduled for the 2021 summer, this training allows administrators to apply the information during the 2020-2021 school year, instead of delaying until the following school year.) The summer 2021 Roots of Justice training will allow more staff to participate. The council reviewed several titles for book studies before breaking into small groups. The groups brainstormed resources and support the council can provide to USD 305 staff. Before the meeting ended, Tiffany collected goals for the equity council, written individually by the members. The council meets next on September 24.