Master Teacher

Master Teacher of the Year Honored by Board of Education

Vicki MarcozziMembers of NEA-Salina selected Vickie Marcozzi, Oakdale Elementary art and reading teacher, as the USD 305 Master Teacher. She is one of seven Kansas teachers chosen by Emporia State University as the 2020 Kansas Master Teachers.

Vickie earned a bachelor’s degree in 1991 from West Virginia University. She began her teaching career in West Virginia, moved to Texas and taught there for three years before moving to Salina where she has taught since 1996.

She teaches every child as if they were her very own, and while doing so, challenges them to go beyond what they thought was possible. Vickie knows the importance of discovering the very limits of each child’s potential and guiding them while they ascertain what is attainable if they are willing to think, process, plan, discover, and dream. She knows that the key to this is a valuable relationship and a sense of mutual trust and respect. Vickie explains, “A child will gladly work above and beyond, and even go to the ends of the earth for you if they know you care.”

award givenVickie built the Oakdale after school FLASH program to provide extra experiences and opportunities for students to benefit socially, emotionally and academically. Nearly 30 Lakewood Middle School and Central High School student ambassadors volunteer each day in the program.

A former principal described Vickie’s approach, “In each situation, she puts students first. In each situation, she increased parent participation. In each situation, she was innovative and considered each child to be unique.”

Congratulations Vickie!