You Make a Difference

You Make a Difference 

The You Make a Difference Award is presented to staff members whose exemplary actions support students, colleagues and the mission of Salina Public Schools. Recipients of these awards receive a lapel pin and a handwritten note personally delivered by a board of education member. 


Nicole Weigel, Pre-Kindergarten teacher
Heartland Early Education

Nicole’s resourceful creativity helps to meet the needs of her preschool students. She incorporated movement breaks for students who need more than what is planned during a routine schedule. She has become known for her development of individualized and preventive measures to help students succeed. Thank you, Nicole, for making a difference!

Gloria Johnson, Math teacher
Central High School

When a teacher transferred into Central High School, Gloria helped make the transition smooth by cheerfully providing support and assistance. Sharing the school’s meeting calendar, informing the new teacher about paper and online ELO passes, and just checking how the new teacher was feeling. Thank you Gloria, for making a difference!

Jody Olson, Special Education Paraeducator
South High School

Jody’s patience, kindness and eagerness to learn content make a difference for every student with whom she works. Jody does not accept challenges; she energetically embraces them. She goes above and beyond by asking questions about the class material to achieve a deep understanding. Thank you Jody, for making a difference!

Karla Arpin, Physical Therapist
Opportunity Now

Most recently, Karla helped a family and student navigate through chronic pain. She supported them by researching specialists, setting appointments, providing support and more. Another student’s school experience improved due to her guidance about accommodations and modification after an injury. Thank you Karla, for making a difference! 

Lisa Ochs, Physical Therapist
Cottonwood Elementary

When Lisa heard that one of her student’s wheelchair had broken and as a result the student would not be able to attend school, Lisa spent her own time finding a wheelchair that would work for this student. She made contacts, exchanged wheelchairs and accommodated everyone’s needs so the student could get right back to school. Thank you, Lisa, for making a difference!

Cheri Boyer, Early Education Specialist
Heartland Early Education

Required to remain fully enrolled at all times, the Heartland program meets this requirement thanks to Cheri. Her amazing organizational and people skills make the difficult task of placing children ages six weeks to five years in openings look easy. Because of Cheri’s efforts, Heartland can rest assured the children most at-risk receive priority and all families are treated with care. Thank you Cheri, for making a difference!

Eryn Wright, Executive Director of Human Resources
District Office

When approving salary movement requests Eryn noticed a .5 discrepancy and contacted the affected employee to ensure the information would be correct. They worked together and solved the issue. Eryn’s attention to detail, commitment to fairness and employee satisfaction made sure that an important issue did not fall between the cracks. Thank you Eryn, for making a difference!