You Make a Difference

You Make a Difference

The You Make a Difference Award is presented to staff members whose exemplary actions support students, colleagues and the mission of Salina Public Schools. Recipients of these awards receive a lapel pin and a handwritten note personally delivered by a board of education member. 

June 8, 2021

Austin Carter, Building Operator

Heartland Early Education

Making daily, positive connections with students and staff and sharing his “day-maker” smile at every opportunity are but a couple of the reasons Austin is known as Mr. Awesome at Heartland. His care extends beyond building maintenance responsibilities, influencing the people within the building. Thank you, Austin for making a difference!


Anne Gagnon, Library Assistant

Lakewood Middle School

Just retired, Anne always practiced kindness and keeping people her priority. Quick to lend a hand, she connected students and teachers with books, helped with book fairs, made student IDs and facilitated testing in the library. Thank you for making a difference, Anne!


Alfredo DeLeon, Paraeducator

South High School

Alfredo is an expert at relating content to students in a way that they understand it. If he sees a student struggling he takes initiative and helps them work through it with patience and kindness that is second to none. Thank you, Alfredo, for going the extra mile and making a difference!


Ana Ingram, Paraeducator

Opportunity Now

Ana is recognized for her ability to skillfully advocate for students and provide for them a safe and receptive space in challenging moments. Her skilled, creative intervention planning and personal investment help ensure students’ hygiene, social-emotional and academic needs are supported. Thank you for making a difference Ana!


Kim Bruner, Special Education Teacher

Central High School

Kim’s dedication and empathy helped her students reach critical milestones in spite of the challenges presented by the past two years. A hard worker, her hours often extend into the late afternoon and she can  be found working with students on Saturdays. Thank you, Kim, for making a difference!