2020 Listening Sessions

Listening Sessions Planned, Mark Your Calendars!
Posted on 11/20/2019

Strategic Planning Process

The time is right to step back and ask ourselves, what do we want for our students? We are asking for your input, through community meetings, to help us determine areas for celebration and areas for continual growth. Everyone’s voice and participation is vital to developing priorities that fit our community.

ScheduleThis collaboration matches perfectly with where we are at as a community. Today, we are uniquely positioned to offer opportunities for our students that will influence their futures.

  • School building updates, thanks to the 2014 bond, aligned spaces with today’s learners’ needs and expanded programming available to them.
  • We know that 71 percent of our graduates need some kind of postsecondary education to be employable in the job market. The 71 percent breaks down into
    • 35 percent of the job market requiring a two-year degree or industry-recognized credential
    • 36 percent requiring a four-year degree or beyond.

To support our students as they target their individual goals, three key areas of support are in place throughout the district. They include kindergarten readiness, social-emotional skills and academic preparation. These supports fit within the *strategic goals that were identified in 2010.


It is now time to reopen the conversation about what we want for our students and what we will emphasize. The important discussions that will occur at the community meetings (listening sessions) will inform and guide our work.

As a school district, we are at our best when we work together as one team toward a common goal of student success. We look forward to joining community members in this important process.

*Current strategic goals include student success, continuous improvement and community engagement.
Kristen Hanks teaches math to South High School students.
Heartland Early Education programs help students prepare for kindergarten.
Elementary schools work on social-emotional skills (Sunset pictured).