New Strategic Plan for USD 305

New Strategic Plan for USD 305
Posted on 11/11/2020
Strategic Planning Meetings
Superintendent Exline meets with community members at Oakdale Elementary to gather input about the district.

At its November 10 meeting, the Board of Education officially approved a new vision statement, mission statement and goals. “We believe strongly in the education we provide students and want USD 305 to be the destination for work and learning,” stated Linn Exline, superintendent. “Our new vision, mission and goals embody our beliefs.”

In early 2020 community members, staff and students provided nearly 3,000 comments to identify areas of strength and areas where the district could continue to grow. Several themes surfaced from the comments, including:

  • The power of education to transform students’ lives
  • The need for a sense of belonging in a strong learning environment
  • The importance of critical thinking and communication skills that are transferrable in a rapidly changing environment


Strategic Planning BOE
Board members work with nearly 3,000 comments provided by community members to help set the district’s direction.

The Board of Education met several times to review the data and create a vision and mission statement based upon the community input. After careful consideration, they approved

The vision of Salina Public Schools is to transform Salina and the world.

The mission of Salina Public Schools is to be the best place to learn and work by embracing challenges, creating belonging, fostering pride and inspiring hope.

The vision and mission support the focus that will be needed to accomplish the Strategic Plan’s three goals:

  • Increase students’ communication skills
  • Increase students’ critical thinking skills
  • Increase students’ social-emotional skills

In the coming months, building staff will be working on how to measure the Strategic Plan goals. The district plans to begin implementing plans in spring 2021 and reporting progress to the Board of Education and the community in the fall of 2021.