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May 11 2021

May 11, 2021
Posted on 05/12/2021

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May 11, 2021




You Make A Difference

The You Make A Difference Award is presented to staff members whose exemplary actions support students, colleagues and the mission of Salina Public Schools. Recipients of these awards receive a lapel pin and a handwritten note personally delivered by a board of education member.


Donella Geist, Custodian

Central High School

Donella is a force of positivity in the halls of Central High. Much loved and respected, she goes out of her way to connect with students and check how things are going for them. No matter the task, she wears a smile, easily shares a laugh and has a bounce in her step. Thank you, Donella for making a difference!


Marilyn Arnold, Special Education Teacher, High Incident

Oakdale Elementary School

Recently, while a colleague was on an extended absence and no regular substitute was available, Marilyn stepped in to help. She wrote IEPs, created lesson plans, and communicated with support staff. She saw a challenge that was not easily solved and became the solution. Thank you for making a difference, Marilyn!


Jessica Owens, School Nurse

Coronado Elementary School

The health and well-being of every student and staff member at Coronado is but a starting point for Jessica. Her support spans from medical to social-emotional and beyond, including trying to make others’ jobs easier when possible. Thank you, Jessica, for going the extra mile and making a difference!


Mollie Paredes, Paraeducator

Heusner Elementary School

Mollie provides extra support at Heusner, often bringing treats and gifts for students and coworkers. Her creative and crafty touches help keep spirits high by brightening halls and workrooms. She makes fun face masks for staff, most recently raising autism awareness. Thank you for making a difference, Mollie!


Tiffany Cooper, Paraeducator

Lakewood Middle School

Whether working with special education students, her cheerleading team or her colleagues, Tiffany gives 110% to everyone. She is a master at focusing on students’ needs and extending her compassion and kindness to help students feel safe and loved. Thank you, Tiffany, for making a difference!


Superintendent Excellence Awards

Certificates were presented to the following students who qualified for state and national academic competitions:

South High School Forensics: Tiana Marion, Seth Carter, Emma Smith, Maya Daily, Francisco Guardado, Denalyn Vasquez, Lillian Ardis, Jennifer Nguyen, Adele Gerry and Ava Williamson. Megan Hagaman, coach.

South High School Journalism: Hannah Kipp, Lizzy Franco, Autumn Dunshie, Nathan McConnell, Lexi Doherty and Evie Barth. Kim Warren, adviser.

Central High School Journalism: Allie Fischer, Austin Beatty, Chloe Chesney, Chloe Highsmith, Collister Ryan, Emily Strommen, Emme Turpin, Collin Geihsler, Dawson Keller, Nathan Farmer, Erin Flax, Faith Rost, Hana North, Isabella Rubino, Kadin Spencer, Arturo Zepeda, Carson Toney, Josh Warner, Karsyn Arnold, Madi Suenram, Makenzie Maring, Rashada Smith and Sydney Raman. Shelby Dinkel, adviser.

Central High School YEC Challenge: Adia Peck, Haley Petty and Janae Montoya. Cindy Roets, sponsor.

South High School YEC Challenge: Mason Bettles. Orlando Carmona, sponsor.

South High School French: Diana Geist, Alena Tran-Nguyen, Lourdes Sanchez and Emily Newman. Brenda Geist, teacher.

Central High School Silver Seal of Biliteracy Winners: Jose Calvillo, Minerva Martinez, Yuliana Munoz Chavez, Annette Rodriguez, Rafael Serrano-Ortega, Kaitlyn Bergmann, Avery Darby, Nelson Gutsch and Sophie Lenkiewicz. Jan Denning, building coordinator.

South High School Silver Seal of Biliteracy Winners: Saul Baquera, Miriam Benavides, Xitlaly Castro, Crystal Franco Ramos, Lizbeth Quiroz and Zaida Segura. Deb Kohn, building coordinator.


Renaissance Teachers of the Month

Certificates were presented to secondary teachers honored as Renaissance Teachers of the Month from January through May. Teachers included Tyler Barnes, Kim Werth, Melinda Jett, Sharon Eckstrom, Amanda Tackett, Central High School; Barbara Bonhotal, Patty Emme, Noah Smucker, Michaela Kroeker, Nancy Williams; Lakewood Middle School; Jesse Yarochowicz, Collin Carlson, Charlie Lynn, Megan Hagaman, Seth White, South High School; Jacob Andres, Bianca Adams, Scott VanDeCreek, Curtis Demars and Ben Fetherston, South Middle School.


Personnel Report

Appointment of Certified Contract(s) for 2021-2022

·      Anderson, Micala, art teacher, South Middle School

·      Austin, Miranda, speech language pathologist, CKCIE/Minneapolis

·      Clatterbuck, Kali, high incidence special education teacher, South High School

·      Gates, Melissa, business teacher, South High School

·      Gilbert, Kira, foreign language teacher, Central High

·      Howard, Jill, grade 3 teacher, Meadowlark Elementary

·      Mahler, Lisa, English teacher, South High School

·      Mills, Erica, grade 1 teacher, Meadowlark Elementary

·      Mitchell, Angela D., high incidence special education teacher, CKCIE/Ell-Saline

·      Reid, Kayla, speech language pathologist, CKCIE

·      Rodriguez Jr., Guillermo, band teacher, Central High

·      Schwan, Matthew, music teacher, Coronado Elementary

·      Taylor, Kathleen, grade 2 teacher, Schilling Elementary

·      Thompson, Dorothea, speech language pathologist, CKCIE/Abilene

·      Willer, Thaine, social studies teacher, South Middle School


Transfer of Certified Contract(s) for 2021-2022

·      Arnold, Jocelyn, high incidence special education teacher/Lakewood Middle School, math teacher, South High School

·      Bowman, Rebecca, Title 1 teacher/Schilling Elementary, grade 1 teacher/Schilling Elementary

·      Bradrick, Danielle, grade 4 teacher/Coronado Elementary, interventionist/Coronado Elementary

·      Burlew, Christopher Wade, remote grade 5 teacher/District Office, interventionist/virtual school

·      DeVoe, Krista, English teacher/South High School, MTSS specialist/South High School

·      Eliason, Alysia, grade 1 teacher/Schilling Elementary, grade 4 teacher/Schilling Elementary

·      Guldner, Matthew, remote grade 4 teacher/District Office, grade 3 teacher/Oakdale Elementary

·      Harding, Elizabeth, kindergarten teacher/Schilling Elementary, grade 4 teacher/Schilling Elementary

·      Johnson, Cheryl, grade 3 teacher/Stewart Elementary, interventionist/Stewart Elementary

·      Kay-Higgins, Jennifer, reading teacher/Lakewood Middle School, library media specialist/Oakdale Elementary

·      Kelley, Victoria, high incidence special education teacher/South High School, virtual teacher/virtual school

·      Krahl, Clancy, grade 3 teacher/Stewart Elementary, grade 4 teacher/Stewart Elementary

·      Lambert, Stacy, high incidence special education teacher/Stewart Elementary, high incidence special education teacher/CKCIE/Abilene

·      Libal, Johanna, high incidence special education teacher/Central High School, math interventionist/Central High School

·      Lytton, Jeanine, math teacher/South High School, interventionist/virtual school

·      Mahoney, Melissa, science teacher/Central High School, science teacher/South High School

·      Loomis Nachbar, Robin, grade 3 teacher/Schilling Elementary, grade 2 teacher/Schilling Elementary

·      Olson, Apryl, grade 4 teacher/Schilling Elementary, grade 3 teacher/Schilling Elementary

·      Resley, Madison, remote grade 1 teacher/District Office, grade 1 teacher/Oakdale Elementary

·      Robinett, Todd, physical education/health teacher/Sunset Elementary, family and consumer science teacher/0.5 FTE South Middle School/0.5 FTE Lakewood Middle School

·      Russell, Julie, remote high school math teacher/District Office, interventionist/virtual school

·      Schell, Stephanie, high incidence special education teacher/CKCIE/Southeast of Saline, high incidence special education teacher/South High School

·      Shelby, Sarah, grade 4 teacher/Stewart Elementary, interventionist/Stewart Elementary

·      Skidmore, Nicole, remote kindergarten teacher/District Office, virtual teacher/virtual school

·      Taylor, Julie, 0.8 FTE speech language pathologist/CKCIE/Ell-Saline, 1.0 FTE speech language pathologist/CKCIE/Ell-Saline


Transfer from Classified to Certified Contract(s) for 2021-2022

·      Shirk, Michael, paraeducator/Meadowlark Elementary, high incidence special education teacher/Meadowlark Elementary


Retirement of Administrative Contract(s) at the end of 2020-2021

·      Lowers, Michael, executive director of special education, CKCIE


Retirement of Certified Contract(s) at the end of 2020-2021

·      Clark, Christopher, science teacher, South Middle School


Resignation of Certified Contract(s) at the end of 2020-2021

·      Davis, Jennifer, art teacher, 0.6 FTE Stewart Elementary/0.2 FTE Schilling Elementary/0.2 FTE Heusner Elementary

·      Gudenkauf, Jessica, grade 4 teacher, Coronado Elementary

·      Hines, Carl, social studies teacher, Lakewood Middle School

·      Meagher, Angela, speech language pathologist, Heusner Elementary

·      Palmgren, Michele, science teacher, South High School

·      Schneck, Adam, physical education teacher, Heusner Elementary

·      Suter, Peyton, speech language pathologist, Sunset Elementary

·      VanMeter, Brigitte, early childhood special education teacher, Schilling Elementary


Appointment of Supplemental Contract(s) for 2020-2021

·      Anderson, Micala, assistant volleyball coach, South High School

·      Dykas, Matthew, fall concessions, Central High School

·      Dykas, Matthew, winter concessions, Central High School

·      Eades, Elizabeth, STUCO sponsor, Central High School

·      Higley, Jaclyn, assistant girls basketball coach grade 7, South Middle School

·      Lagroon, Rhonda, head dance sponsor, South High School

·      Peterson, Travis, assistant girls basketball coach, South High School

·      Robinett, Todd, assistant football coach grade 7, South Middle School


Transfer of Supplemental Contract(s) for 2021-2022

·      Mackinney, John, assistant football grade 7/Lakewood Middle School, head football grade 7/Lakewood Middle School

·      Nowak, Brian, assistant football grade 7/Lakewood Middle School, assistant football coach grade 8/Lakewood Middle School

·      Stockwell, Cody, assistant cross country coach/Lakewood Middle School, head cross country coach/Lakewood Middle School

·      Weishaar, McKenzie, assistant girls basketball coach grade 7/South Middle School, assistant girls basketball coach grade 8/South Middle School


Resignation of Supplemental Contract(s) at the end of 2020-2021

·      Armbrust, Andrew, assistant girls swim coach, 0.5 FTE Central High School/0.5 FTE South High School

·      Brungardt, Ryan, assistant football grade 8, Lakewood Middle School

·      Clark, Christopher, head boys tennis coach, South Middle School

·      Clark, Christopher, head girls tennis coach, South Middle School

·      Cullins, Deanna, dance team sponsor, Central High School

·      Ebert, Justin, 0.9 FTE assistant football coach, South High School

·      Mackinney, John, assistant track coach, Lakewood Middle School

·      Peterson, Travis, assistant boys basketball coach, South High School

·      Schneck, Adam, assistant football coach, Central High School

·      Schneck, Adam, assistant boys golf, Central High School


Classified Appointment(s)

·      Carson, Tabitha, paraeducator, CKCIE/White City

·      Cusick, Kirk, GED instructor, Salina Adult Education Center

·      Farris, Sadie, Heartland teacher assistant II, Heartland Programs

·      Halpain, John, night custodian, Meadowlark Elementary

·      Marsh, Robin, paraeducator, CKCIE/White City

·      Pedroza, Nancy, night custodian, Meadowlark Elementary

·      Venters, Kristal, dance team sponsor, Central High School


Classified Transfer(s)

·      Cumberland, Nancy, Heartland teacher assistant II/Heartland Programs, Heartland teacher assistant III/Heartland Programs

·      Elwood, Kelly, special education Pre-K paraeducator/Schilling Elementary, Title 1 instructional assistant II/Schilling Elementary

·      Hacker, Emerald, 0.9175 FTE paraeducator/CKCIE/Abilene, 0.8750 FTE paraeducator/CKCIE/Abilene

·      Hernandez, Robert, night custodian/Meadowlark Elementary, night custodian/South Middle School

·      Mattek, Marnie, instructional assistant II/District Office, IPS support/District Office

·      McQuillan, Shiann, Head Start teacher assistant II/Heartland Programs, Head Start teacher assistant III/Heartland Programs

·      Rawls, Karin, Title 1 instructional assistant II/Schilling Elementary, instructional assistant II/Schilling Elementary

·      Stonebraker, Justin, assistant boys basketball grade 8/South Middle School, assistant boys basketball coach/South High School


Classified Retirement(s)

·      Buehre, Lynda, facilities access coordinator, Operations Center

·      Jurgensen, Betty, paraeducator, Opportunity Now


Classified Resignation(s)

·      Borges, Laura, teacher assistant III, Heartland Programs

·      Boyer, Kendall, pre-K teacher, Heartland Programs

·      Bradford, Lauren, speech language pathologist intern, CKCIE

·      Carson, Meagan, paraeducator, CKCIE/White City

·      Claeys, Caitlin, paraeducator, Sunset Elementary

·      Haybarker, Sarah, preschool paraeducator, CKCIE/Abilene

·      Herwig, Lauren, preschool paraeducator, Heartland Programs

·      Ingham, Amanda, pre-K teacher, Heartland Programs

·      Lilliah, Olivia, paraeducator, CKCIE/Chapman

·      Newsome, Katelynn, night custodian, Heartland Programs

·      Oleson, Brooke, paraeducator, South Middle School

·      Perez, Jessica, bilingual education, Cottonwood Elementary

·      Rassette, Allison, speech language pathologist intern, CKCIE/Stewart Elementary

·      Reynolds, Alexandrya, paraeducator, CKCIE/Southeast of Saline

·      Reynolds, Nadine, paraeducator, CKCIE/Chapman

·      Riffel, Heather, paraeducator, CKCIE/Abilene

·      Ruiz, Savannah, Title 1 instructional assistant, Cottonwood Elementary

·      Schlatter, Karla, paraeducator, CKCIE/Ell-Saline

·      Smith, Morgan, paraeducator, CKCIE/Southeast of Saline

·      White, Betty, food service worker I, South Middle School

·      Wymore, Alexandra, paraeducator, Stewart Elementary


Correction from April 13th Personnel Report

Transfer of Certified Contract(s) for 2021-2022

·      Robinett, David, high incidence/EBD teacher/Meadowlark Elementary, autism specialist/CKCIE


Approve Encumbrance Listings

The board of education approved the following encumbrances: (1) Skyward, $61,302.50, annual renewal for different pieces of the Skyward software system; (2) Johnson Controls, $28,045, annual service agreement for maintenance and repair of CCTV/Electronic Entry Systems; (3) Johnson Controls, $199,109.69, electronic entry control at all exterior doors and outside cameras at Operations Center, Salina Education Center, Heartland, and Warehouse; (4) Stewart Signs, $70,957.80, 4-TekStar digital signs for high schools gyms at Central and South High School; (5) ACT Aspire, $36,528, renewal of ACT Aspire assessments; (6) Curriculum Associates, Inc., $160,795, i-Ready instructional software to provide specialized online instruction; and (7) Learning A-Z, $74,209.50, License Renewal (270 licenses) for Reading A-Z, RAZ Kids and Vocabulary A-Z.


Approve Federal Head Start / Early Head Start Supplemental Grant Application

The board of education approved the Federal Head Start/Early Head Start Supplemental Grant Application for supplemental one-time funding from the Federal Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Children and Families.


Bond Resolution

The board of education approved the Resolution for the Series 2021 General Obligation Refunding Bonds.


Board Policy

The board of education approved on second reading the following policies: EBBD-Evacuations and Emergencies, GAR-Communicable Diseases, JGCA-Local Health and Wellness, JGCC-Communicable Diseases and JHCAA-Gang Intimidation.


Resolution to Non-Renew Contract

The board of education adopted the resolution calling for the non-renewal contract for probationary teacher for 2021-2022.


2021-2022 School Calendar – River Festival

The board of education approved adjusting the 2021-2022 calendar to make Friday, September 3, 2021 a school holiday. Due to the Smoky Hill River Festival being scheduled for the first weekend in September, this will allow many of our staff members who volunteer at the festival each year to attend.


2021-2022 Middle School Student Handbook

The board of education approved the 2021-2022 middle school student handbook.


2021-2022 Chromebook Student Handbook

The board of education approved the 2021-2022 chromebook student handbook.


Virtual School

Shanna Rector, executive director of educational programs, and Tracy Hutton, virtual school principal, provided an update on virtual school decisions and planning for the 2021-2022 school year.


Transitions Program

Mike Lowers, executive director of Central Kansas Cooperative in Education (CKCIE), and Brandi Calahan, CKCIE coordinator, presented a summary of the “Transitions” Program at the Salina Education Center with proposed changes and increased opportunities for students.


School Board Reports

·      Mark Bandré, board member, read to Sunset Elementary School kindergarten students via Zoom, delivered You Make a Difference awards at Oakdale Elementary School and Lakewood Middle School, and attended the Central High School (CHS) Art Exhibit.

·      Ann Zimmerman, board member, attended the CHS Art Exhibit, read to Sunset Elementary School 2nd graders via Zoom, attended the Salina Adult Education Center (SAEC) Advisory Board meeting, the Retirement Recognition, a district negotiations meeting and delivered a You Make a Difference award at Heusner Elementary School.

·      Dana Kossow, board member, read to Sunset Elementary School 4th graders via Zoom and attended the Retirement Recognition and the CHS Art Exhibit.

·      Jim Fletcher, vice president, attended a Parks and Recreation Advisory Board meeting, the Retirement Recognition, a District Negotiations meeting, the SAEC Advisory Board meeting and delivered a You Make a Difference award to Central High School.

·      Scott Gardner, board member, attended a Heartland Policy Council meeting, the Retirement Recognition and a CHS softball game.

·      Emma Doherty, board member, attended the Retirement Recognition, the South High School Principal’s Breakfast and delivered a You Make a Difference award to Coronado Elementary School.

·      Gabe Grant, president, attended a Central Kansas Cooperative in Education Board of Control and the Retirement Recognition.


Upcoming Dates of Importance

Sunday, May 23, Graduations, Tony’s Pizza Events Center

·      South High School – 2:00 p.m.

·      Central High School – 5:00 p.m.


Superintendent’s Report

Linn Exline, superintendent of schools, reported that the property transfer to Salina Area Technical College scheduled for July 1 is being amended to add the Salina Adult Education Center building and will be on the board agenda for the June 8 meeting. Superintendent Exline informed board members that students’ last day is May 27 and teachers’ last day is May 28, with seniors ending earlier. She reported that negotiations will move forward since legislators adopted a K-12 budget that funds the Gannon expectations and extends high density at-risk until 2024.


Executive Session

The board of education recessed into negotiations.