Retention Incentive

For two years, 2021-2022 and 2022-2023, employees would receive up to $1,500 retention incentive pay per year to encourage staff to continue employment with USD 305. Temporary, seasonal or on-call staff are not included in this pay plan. For staff who work less than 50% of the day, 50% will be distributed; for staff who work 50% of the day or more, 100% will be distributed. NEA-Salina’s input would be received on the timing of a one-time annual payment to all certified teachers subject to the negotiated agreement. That timing of the retention incentive pay would also apply to retired certified teachers, Head Start teachers and administrators. An example below is the timeline for such payments in year one for support staff and professional/technical staff. This schedule addresses staff who are hired at various times during the school year. 
pay chart incentive
The mission of Salina Public Schools is to be the best place to work and learn. This retention incentive pay plan will assist in that mission as staff is the most valuable resource. 
Payment of the incentive is subject to Kansas State Department of Education’s approval of the ESSER application.