Dental Screening Information

Dental Screen Dates and Forms
Central High- December 8th and 9th    Forms   Formularios
Coronado Elementary- January 10th and 11th
Cottonwood Elementary November 8th and 9th
Heusner Elementary- October 27th and 28th
Lakewood Middle- November 17th and 18th    Forms     Formularios
Meadowlark Ridge Elementary- January 12th and 13th
Oakdale Elementary- October 13th and 14th
Opportunity Now- November 15th    Forms     Formularios
Schilling Elementary- October 25th
South High- May 2nd and 3rd
South Middle- December 15th and 16th    Forms     Formularios 
Stewart Elementary December 1st and 2nd
Sunset Elementary November 3rd and 4th