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Guidelines for Public Participation

The USD 305 Board of Education recognizes the value of public comment. Public Forum is an opportunity to address the Board about policy-related issues. The BOE president will consider requests to address the Board. Before attempting to resolve a problem with the Board, we encourage you to have discussed the issue with the superintendent or the appropriate staff member.

To ensure that all have an opportunity to be heard, the following guidelines will be followed:
  1. Time Limit: Time allotted for public participation will be announced at the beginning of the meeting.

  2. Speaker Limits: The Board president will determine if public comments will be accepted and how long will be granted for public comments. An individual citizen’s comments will typically be limited to three minutes. If a large number of those in attendance wish to speak on the same topic, the board president may (a) reduce the time allocated to each speaker, (b) ask representatives of the group to summarize their colleagues’ statements, or if necessary, (c) limit the number of speakers.

  3. Avoid Repetition: Unduly repetitious comments will be limited. This will be determined at the discretion of the board president.

  4. Registration: Each person who desires to speak must register by submitting their name, address, who they are representing, phone number and item they would like to address on the required form by noon the day prior to the meeting.

  5. Acceptable Topics: Public comments must be relevant to items on the board meeting agenda or to items generally within the jurisdiction of the board.

  6. Use the Podium/State Your Name: Each person who desires to speak will address the board from the podium and clearly state their name before presenting any remarks.

  7. Speaker Decorum: The board president will interrupt speakers and may remove them from the meeting if their presentation becomes disruptive. Rude behavior, profanity, slanderous remarks or personal attacks will not be tolerated.

  8. Board Response: Generally, there is no discussion between the speaker and the board of education. The board will not deliberate or take action regarding requests presented during public participation.

  9. Written Materials: If you have written comments or other materials you wish the board to receive, please submit these to the board clerk. Please do not distribute any materials directly to board members during meetings.