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October 11 2022

October 11, 2022

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October 11, 2022



Personnel Report and Consent Agenda


Action Agenda


Receive FY22 Audit from Agler & Gaeddert

Harold Mayes, representative for Agler & Gaeddert Chartered, presented the 2022 fiscal year audit.

Board Policy

The board approved on second reading the following polices presented by Eryn Wright, executive director of human resources/legal services:

  • ×BBE – Attorney
  • ×BDA – Developing, Adopting, Amending and Repealing Board Policy
  • ×BG – Memberships
  • ×CEC – Superintendent Recruitment
  • ×CM – Policy Implementation
  • ×CMA – Administrative Rules
  • ×DFAB – Standard of Conduct for Federally-Funded Contracts
  • ×DFAC – Federal Fiscal Compliance
  • ×DJFAB – Administrative Leeway
  • ×EBA – Insurance Program
  • ×ED – Student Transportation Management


  • ×EDAA – School Buses and Vehicles
  • ×FC – Memorials, Funerals and Naming of District Facilities
  • ×GAA – Goals and Objectives
  • ×GACC – Recruitment and Hiring
  • ×GAOA – Drug Free Workplace
  • ×GAOB – Drug Free Schools
  • ×GAOD – Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • ×GBRJ – Substitute Teaching
  • ×GCIA – Evaluation of Coaches and Sponsors
  • ×GCRG – Leaves
  • ×IB – School Site Councils
  • ×IIBGC – Online Learning Opportunities
  • ×ING – Animals and Plants in the School
  • ×JA – Goals and Objectives
  • ×JCAC – Interrogations and Investigations
  • ×JGFF – Student Transportation
  • ×JHC – Student Organizations
  • ×KB – Public Information Programs
  • ×KGA – Use of District Personal Property and Equipment
  • ×KGE – Bullying by Parents
  • ×KH – Gifts and Bequests
  • ×KHA – Naming of Facilities


Discussion Items


Board Policy

Eryn Wright presented policy JGCBB – Naloxone for a first reading, after which the Board approved the policy.


School Board Reports

  • Mark Bandré, board member, attended the Salina Education Foundation (SEF) breakfast and visited Little Libraries constructed by Mike Kilgore’s Central High School students.
  • Scott Gardner, board member, attended the SEF breakfast and various sporting events.
  • Jim Fletcher, vice president, attended the SEF breakfast and the Kansas Association of School Boards’ (KASB) Leadership for Tomorrow.
  • Dana Kossow, board member, attended the School Marathon finales.
  • Bonnie Schamberger, board member, attended the SEF breakfast, the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board meeting and the Salina Adult Education Center Advisory Board meeting.
  • Ann Zimmerman, president, attended the SEF breakfast, the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board meeting and a KASB Legislative Luncheon.


Upcoming Dates of Importance

  • Thursday, November 10, SHESC Legislative Luncheon, 9:30 a.m.
  • November 11-13, KASB Conference, Wichita     


Superintendent’s Report

Linn Exline, superintendent of schools, informed board members that the district has been recognized by the Kansas State Department of Education for excelling in outcome measures important to Kansans. The Kansans Can Star Recognitions received by SPS are Graduation, Bronze Star; Social-Emotional Growth, Copper Star; Kindergarten Readiness, Copper Star; Individual Plan of Study, Copper Star. Superintendent Exline invited everyone to Building Bridges that will be held at Central High School on November 3 from 5:15-7:30 p.m. She played a promotional video for the event. Superintendent Exline presented at the Salina Chamber of Commerce Quarterly Luncheon and the SEF breakfast. She was interviewed on a couple of radio programs and presented the following awards:

  • Teacher of the Year award (secondary) to Collin Carlson, South High School,
  • Teacher of the Year award (elementary) to Chantay Hill, Heusner teacher, and
  • Teacher Appreciation award to Alyssa Crowther, Salina Virtual Innovation Academy teacher.