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SPS Students Earn Dual Credit

SPS Students Earn Dual Credit in Teaching as a Career
Posted on 02/22/2023
Ten juniors and seniors, six at South High and four at Central High, are enrolled in “Teaching as a Career” to earn one credit hour in ED100 through Bethany College. The classes, offered at both Central and South high schools, give students a way to learn more about the teaching career field while earning dual credit for high school graduation and college.
“It allows me to explore this career while earning a credit that I can apply later on in college,” explained Dara Kinion, junior at South High School. “By taking it now, I can get the class for cheaper than if I took it in college.”
The instructional team is made up of South High’s Kiley Meyer, Central High’s Linda Jones and Dr. Alan English, department head of secondary education at Bethany College. They meet regularly to plan common activities and share ideas. “Dr. English recently shared the Bethany Teacher Model and the Kansas Educator Code of Conduct with Salina students,” said Meyer. Students will take a pre-test for the code of conduct, just as would be required in a college setting.
“This is the first year the students have the option to earn dual credit,” said Linda Jones, instructor at Central High. Parents/guardians have the option to pay a stipend to Bethany College and obtain the college credit at a greatly reduced price. Students see the value as well.
“Having the opportunity to take college credits in high school will save me time and money in the future,” added Alexia Walsh, junior at South High. “Also, if I take one class for fairly cheap, it won’t be as detrimental in terms of time and money if I decide not to pursue the career because it ended up not being the best fit.”
This new partnership with Bethany College is a great example of how Salina Public Schools’ students can prepare for success beyond high school and save on the future cost of attending college.
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