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2022 Community Survey

2022 Survey  Results

The October 2022 survey of a random sample of 300 heads of households in the Salina Public Schools district showed that the citizens served are aware of district initiatives and that they value and respect the work being done with the students.

The highest scoring areas

  • Quality of school facilities
  • Performance of teachers
  • Preparation of students for college, career/technical training, or employment
  • Quality of education
  • Performance of school principals
  • Safety of students

Two open-ended questions offered respondents the chance to share their thoughts on the district’s strengths and on areas where it could improve. The top mentions for each are listed below, ordered from most mentioned to less mentioned:


  1. Teachers
  2. Don’t know
  3. Provides a good education/academics/curriculum

Areas to improve:

  1. Don’t know
  2. Keeping students safe/gun free
  3. They know what they are doing/experts

Patron concerns were offered in response to an open-ended question about what respondents were most concerned about, in terms of the district. Concerns are listed from most mentioned to less mentioned:

  1. Safety of the students and staff/guns/weapons
  2. Economic impact on school system/funding
  3. Don’t know

The District Strategic Plan’s long-term goals were shared and respondents were asked to indicate their relevance (communication: reading, writing, listening; critical thinking: math, science, social studies; social-emotional learning):

Ninety-nine percent (99%) thoughts the goals were either very relevant or somewhat relevant.

Awareness of district programs was tested in these three areas:

  • Career/technical education offerings – 96% very aware/somewhat aware
  • Extracurricular activities – 95% very aware/somewhat aware
  • Early childhood education services – 92% very aware/somewhat aware

Working in Salina Public Schools

Respondents were asked whether the community viewed Salina Public Schools as an excellent, good, fair, or poor place to work:

  • Excellent or good – 84%
  • Fair – 11%
  • Poor – 2%

Secondary School Boundaries

Respondents  were asked whether the district should consider shifting the middle and high school boundaries to maintain similar-sized secondary buildings.

  • 66% - thought it is a good idea
  • 10% - said it should not happen

District Communication

Respondents were asked open-ended questions about how they receive district news and what information they would like to hear more about.

Top sources for receiving district news, other than friends and neighbors:

  • School/district website
  • Kids/grandkids in school
  • Newsletter/mailer
  • Social media
  • Email

Top information respondents would like to hear more about:

  • Safety measures being taken/guns/threats
  • Future district/school plans
  • Good/success stories of students and staff


Patron views on the district’s performance, where patrons get information about what is taking place in Salina Public Schools, and a host of other issues were surveyed in October 2022. This telephone survey was conducted on behalf of the school district by ExcellenceK12, a Kansas City-based market research firm that has worked with school districts across the Midwest. To insure statistically-reliable data the sample size included 300 randomly selected adults who were head of household and balanced by geographic location. The margin of error is 5.6 percent. Demographic information collected included geographic area of the school district, age, gender, length of time as a resident of the district and parent/guardianship of a past or current student. Thank you to all who participated!