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May 2022 Focus Newsletter (USPS Mailer)
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April 2022 Focus Newsletter

March 2022 Focus Newsletter

February 2022 Focus Newsletter

January 2022 Focus Newsletter

December 2021 Focus Newsletter (USPS Mailer)
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October 2021 Focus Newsletter

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April 2021 Focus Newsletter (USPS Mailer)
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March 2021 Focus Newsletter

February 2021 Focus Newsletter

January 2021 Focus Newsletter

February 2020 Focus Newsletter (USPS Mailer)
English   Spanish

 Listening sessions for the Strategic Planning Process and Equity Council Meeting

February 2020 Focus Newsletter (Email)

CHS Chopped Competition, Robotics, Census, Community Meetings 

January 2020 Focus Newsletter (Email)

You Make a Difference Recognitions, January is Thank BOE Month, Community Listening Sessions and More 

November 2019 Focus Newsletter (USPS Mailer)
English   Spanish

 Listening sessions for the Strategic Planning Process and District Office Temporary Relocation

November 2019 Focus Newsletter (Email)

 Community Information Nights about Vaping and Adolescents, Delayed Start and More

October 2019 Focus Newsletter (Email)

Parent - Teacher Conferences, Community Listening meetings and More

July 2019 Focus Newsletter (Email)

Enrollment information, Summer School Lunch Program Information

March 2019 Focus Newsletter (Email)

Kindergarten Round-Ups, Summer School and K-Prep Information

December 2018 Focus Newsletter (Email)

View student artwork from the Cultural Crawl, read updates for the superintendent search and Equity Council and learn about #Why305!

November 2018 Focus Newsletter (USPS Mailer)

Social-Emotional shift means greater academic and behavioral success in school.

April 2018 Focus Newsletter (USPS Mailer)

Academy of Innovation introduces personalized PD and new Equity Council is underway.

March 2018 Focus Newsletter (Email)

Links to "Where Are They Now" stories of SHS alumni, school safety article, preparedness for spring weather and Superintendent's Corner with Dr. Hardy.

January 2018 Focus Newsletter (Email)

Board of Education Appreciation Month, Stewart Elementary Food and Nutrition Night, Parent-Teacher Conferences and more.

November 2017 Focus Newsletter (USPS Mailer)

Increasing students' success in the workforce, post secondary education or certification is made priority. On the back page find a bond update.

October 2017 Focus Newsletter (Email)

South Middle School's new Makerspace, 5th grade leadership team at Stewart Elementary, four board seats to be filled in November election, Dr. Hardy's contract is extended for school year 2018-19 and more.