Community Phone Survey

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The October telephone survey of a random sample of 400 patrons (heads-of-households and registered voters) in the Salina USD 305 District results showed that the citizens served are in tune with what's going on in USD 305, value and respect the work being done with the students.

While the overall results continue to be positive there is always room for improvement. Information from the survey will be used to fine-tune district efforts to meet the needs and expectations of the Salina community. Special thanks to all who participated.

Highest Scoring Areas

  • Quality of school facilities
  • How welcome you feel when visiting a school in the district
  • District's efforts to provide a safe environment
  • Performance of district teachers
  • Communications by the schools and school district during crises

Patrons' overall evaluation of the District's performance indicated they value and respect the work being done with students. Nine out of 19 relationship factors (plus the district's "overall" performance) received a "B" or better.

Patrons surveyed were provided open-ended opportunities to share their views on the district's strengths and areas where improvement is needed. Areas of greatest strength are listed below. When asked areas that need improvement, "Managing/spending money" was first (a common response on school surveys) and "Don't know" was the second most common response, meaning that a large segment of inpiduals do not have any concerns that are top of mind.

Areas of Greatest Strength

  • Teachers
  • Academics/curriculum

Areas Needing Improvement

  • Managing/spending money
  • Don't know

More Survey Outcomes

Survey respondents believe that financing programs/finding funding is the top challenge that our district will face over the next 10 years.

Questions Answered by Parents or Grandparents of Current Students

The district's online enrollment and its efforts to communicate effectively about it met with approval

  • 88 percent rated online enrollment as excellent or good
  • 81 percent rated communications about online enrollment as excellent or good

Communications and Communications Efforts

Respondents who are parents or grandparents of current students rated various communications efforts and communications vehicles with generally good scores.

  • 97 percent rated Parent-Teacher Conferences excellent or good.
  • 72 percent rated Skyward as excellent or good.
  • 67 percent rated direct parent contacts about a student's difficulty as excellent or good.
  • 67 percent reported reading Peachjar electronic flyers frequently or sometimes.
  • 73 percent recommended the district and schools use text and social media for communicating about events (besides Peachjar).

Fundraising and Activity Costs

Parents and grandparents reported that building-level policies about fundraising and the cost to participate in activities are not issues of concern.

  • 92 percent reported the cost of a school event or activity has never prevented their child from participating.
  • 82 percent reported the amount of fundraising students are expected to participate in is very reasonable or reasonable.

More Survey Outcomes

  • Educational Sessions for Parents of Small Children - Eighty-nine percent of parents felt that offering education sessions to help parents of small children understand how to best prepare their children for kindergarten would be a good idea.
  • Inpidual Plans of Study (IPS) - Most parents are familiar with IPS; however, parent participation in the process is limited.
  • Non-Academic Services - Efforts of the district to provide non-academic services (such as mental health or substance abuse) generally are not well-known.
  • Equity Council - In general the public is not aware of the district's newly formed Equity Council. Sixty-two percent of respondents rated the district's sensitivity to all cultures as excellent or good.
  • USD 305 as a workplace - Seventy-six percent of respondents think the community's general view of USD 305 as a workplace is excellent or good.

The 2018 telephone study was conducted on behalf of the school district by Patron Insight, Inc., Stillwell, Kansas, to determine patron views on the district's performance, where patrons get information about what is taking place in USD 305, and a host of other issues. To insure statistically-reliable data the sample size included 400 randomly selected registered voters, head of household and balanced by geographic location. The margin of error is +/- 5 percent. Demographic information collected included geographic area of the school district, age, gender, length of time as a resident of the district and parent/guardianship of a past, current or future student or of a private school student.

Thank you to all who participated!