High School Summer School

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South High School, 730 E. Magnolia Rd.
Current USD 305 students entering grades 9-11 are eligible for High School Summer School classes.
USD 305 will offer enrichment courses AND a credit recovery opportunities for students who failed a course during the regular school year. All credit recovery courses will be offered through computer-assisted instruction. Students are required to attend each day of the session. A morning and afternoon block allows for enrollment in two courses. If students accelerate through these courses, additional courses could be added as needed. Lunch is available on site between sessions!
When - May 31 to July 1
Credit Recovery - 8am-11am & 11:30am-2:30pm
Courses available for credit recovery at no cost include:
  • English I   
  • English II 
  • English III 
  • Speech
  • Algebra I 
  • Geometry
  • Algebra II
  • Transitional Algebra
  • Earth Space Science
  • Biology
  • Physical Science
  • Health
  • Social Studies 1 (South)
  • World History / SS 2
  • American History / SS 3
Enrichment Courses - 8am-10am, 10am-12pm, 12pm-2pm | $110
Courses available for enrichment include:
  • Computer Applications I
  • Computer Applications II
  • Speech
ACT Prep - May 31-June 10 | 8am-10am, 10am-12pm, 12pm-2pm | $55
Driver Education - May31-June 17 | 8am-10am, 10am-12pm, 12pm-2pm, 2pm-4pm | $175
How - Online Registration 
Enrollment will be confirmed or arranged via email.