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Building Bridges 2021

Building Bridges 2021
Posted on 10/18/2021

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USD 305 hosted a Building Bridges event to bring educators and employers together, to celebrate Career & Technical Education (CTE) and make our CTE programs even better. It was free of charge, open to the entire community, and was held at Salina High School South on Thursday, November 11. 

The need for high-quality CTE is stronger than ever. Together, educators and employers can ensure not just a successful future for high school graduates but a robust local economy and a homegrown workforce that is deeply invested in Salina.

USD 305 is provided the location (Salina High School South), the volunteer staffing and student presenters, the agenda, hors d’oeuvres (prepared by USD 305 culinary students), and facility tours. The Chamber helped with promoting the event and Kansas WorkforceONE provided the model for Building Bridges, which has been successfully hosted in other Kansas districts.

Several CTE pathways are offered at both USD 305 high schools, and the district is continually seeking to improve CTE services. This requires input and support from local industry - the future employers of many of our graduates.


  • How do we prepare our students for the challenges and demands of the workplace?
  • What skills are essential for success in your particular field?
  • Can we provide learning experiences that are better aligned to the workplace, so that students have a better understanding of the industry?
  • What do businesses and industries wish that students (and educators) knew about their company and its work within the community?

How local businesses and industries can help support CTE in our district:

Monetary contributions and donations of equipment and supplies are always welcome, but there are other ways of helping.

  • Provide work-based learning opportunities such as student internships or job shadowing.
  • Provide guest speakers to come to a classroom to present appropriate content or information about their company.
  • Host externships for CTE teachers during the summer, to improve their skills and give them a sense of what the current workplace looks and feels like.
  • Host field trips or facilities tours for students interested in related careers.
  • Assist with “mock interviews” of students interested in future employment or internships to give students practice with interviewing.
  • Provide one or more representatives to serve on the Advisory Council for that particular CTE pathway; councils meet twice a year and provide continuous input and recommendations on CTE services.
Other assistance or support that the employer might feel is helpful and necessary.
Thank you and much appreciation to everyone who participated in this first Building Bridges event at Salina Public Schools. Next year the event will be hosted at Central High School and we hope to see you there! 
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