Celebrating Oakdales Grandma Carol

Celebrating Oakdale's Grandma Carol
Posted on 05/17/2022
Grandma Carol on chair

Grandma Carol has probably celebrated at least 340 student birthdays at Oakdale Elementary School. However, today, it was Grandma Carol’s turn to be celebrated for 20 years of working with Oakdale students. A come and go reception was held in her honor that included big smiles, hugs and thank you’s.

Grandma Carol Sheffield works in Sherry Halferty’s kindergarten classroom, providing academic and social support for the students. “It’s a double helping of the benefits of having an adult available,” explained Sherry. “She works with math groups and reading groups and so much more.”

“Sometimes, when they first come in, they may not be able to write their names, they don’t know their numbers or their alphabet,” explained Grandma Carol. “And then by the end of the year, they’re reading, adding and subtracting.” The students become more than ready for first grade and Grandma Carol has helped them along the way, every day.

The kindergarten students look to Grandma Carol for more than help with their studies. “They go over to her for help tying their shoes, telling a story, and a lot of times Grandma is the one who finds out if they’re having a rough day,” said Sherry. “The students have someone else who cares in the classroom, even if they know the teacher is busy.”

When asked what is her favorite part of the job, Grandma Carol was quick to reply, “The hugs!”

The North Central Flint Hills Area Agency on Aging, Inc. is the sponsoring agency for the Foster Grandparent Program. You can learn more here.

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