K Students Learn Coding Basics

K Students Learn Coding Basics
Posted on 01/26/2022
k coding
Who knew coding could be so much fun? Kindergarten students learned the basics while using a very simple straight grid and a small robot (bee bot) that moves around.

As students’ skills advance, they will eventually move to a 3*4 grid or larger, or perhaps mazes, created by Jamie Hoff, library media specialist at Cottonwood Elementary. Eventually, they will learn how to make the bee bots turn to go in a different direction.
“Right now I teach the kindergarten classes how to use them,” explained Hoff. “When they get to the point they can use them on their own, then the kindergarten teachers will have an option to check out bee bots to be used in their classrooms.”
Jamie plans to increase the bee bot mats and mazes as students progress and demand grows. Eventually, she hopes to have Grades K-2 use them as centers in classrooms.