New Teachers Orientation

New Teachers Orientation Includes Bus Tour

On a whirlwind, one-hour bus tour, new teachers heard from 11 representatives throughout Salina

On a big yellow school bus that left from Central High School, new teachers were driven north to the Salina Public Library and through the city to the Salina Art Center. There were five stops along the way where 11 speakers from local organizations waited for their turn to board the bus.

Speakers had two minutes to briefly introduce their organizations and the opportunities they offer. Teachers on the bus heard about partnerships, Salina’s development projects and more resources available to enrich and help them in their classrooms.

New to this year’s schedule some of the speakers, also known as Salina’s cultural educators, invited new teachers to lunch at the Salina Community Theatre. The hosts shared more about cultural programming and educational resources while everyone enjoyed pasta from Martinelli’s.


Organizations Involved


Heartland Early Education

Salina Education Foundation

Salina Chamber of Commerce

Salina Public Library

Salina Community Theatre

Friends of the River Foundation

Smoky Hill Museum

Salina Arts and Humanities

Salina Art Center

Salina Area United Way


Thank you to all the Salina partners who participated in this event!