Secondary Hybrid Resumed Half Day School

Secondary Hybrid Resumed Half Day School on November 2
Posted on 10/23/2020

October 29 marked more than just the end of 1st  quarter. For USD 305 middle and high school 
students it was the last day of a hybrid model where two days were on-site and the other three 
involved learning at home.

On November 2, the hybrid model changed so grades 6-12 students are in school for a half day, 
every day. Middle and high school principals emailed detailed information to their school’s 
families including arrival and departure procedures, bell schedules and more.

Superintendent Linn Exline stated, “Daily in-person interaction with our staff provides 
increased instructional time for academic progress and allows us to more effectively respond to the 
social- emotional needs of our students.”

Secondary students alternate between on-site and off-site learning, attending school half the 
day and working from home half the day. The decision to change the hybrid model was driven by a 
number of factors. Students’ performance as well as a need to identify a more sustainable hybrid 
model weighed heavily. The new hybrid will provide more stability for students’ mental health and 
social-emotional needs, as well as more structure, in the safest way possible.

The district is offering assistance with mid-day transportation needs presented by the new hybrid. 
Compressed service bus routes stop at designated pick-up and drop-off locations for students 
who live within 2.5 miles of their school and were previously ineligible for busing. Families with 
students needing this service should call their school to register their student as a rider on 
these special routes.

Food and Nutrition Services
Free meals for students continue through the end of the school year. Adjustments, due to the 
move to a new hybrid model, include:

  • The Drive-Thru, To-Go meals service timel changed. Meals are served from 12:00 p.m. – 
    12:45 p.m.
  • At the middle and high schools
    • General education students may receive a free lunch each day and a free breakfast for the next 
      school day.
    • À la carte will not be available.

For the 2020-2021 school year the district has enhanced cleaning protocols, requires masks (face 
coverings) in schools, frequent handwashing or sanitizing and daily symptom and temperature checks. 
Families and staff self-screen for symptoms before coming to school. Other measures include 
minimizing the congregation of large groups and applying social distancing guidelines when