SHS Chemistry Class Makes Adjustments

SHS Chemistry Class Makes Adjustments for COVID-19
Posted on 10/02/2020
Students in Mrs. Chamberlain’s Chemistry and AP Chemistry classes have been spending their time in the classroom engaging in hands-on laboratory investigations. Several changes have been made to lab procedures this year. Students each work at their own, individual work stations, and no longer with a partner. For protective gear, students wear goggles that are sanitized after usage, disposable gloves, and disposable aprons. When lab work is completed, the lab station and all supplies are sanitized by the teacher before the next group of students uses the materials. Following these precautions has allowed students to continue experiencing chemistry while following social distancing protocol.
SHS Chemistry Fulkerson
Will Fulkerson, SHS sophomore, is investigating if mass is conserved when Alka Seltzer and water are combined.
SHS Chemistry Carter
Seth Carter, SHS junior, identifies an unknown chemical compound using light emission from flame tests.
SHS Chemistry Brucker
Laura Brucker, SHS junior, works in an AP Chemistry lab to recycle aluminum into a useful product, alum.
SHS Chemistry Classroom
AP Chemistry students from South & Central High School work individually at lab stations to determine the percentage of hydrogen peroxide in a sample of store-bought peroxide. Students used a chemical technique called a titration in this investigation.