Tips for a Great Year

Tips for a Great Year!
Posted on 08/08/2022
Starting school is exciting but it’s also a big adjustment after weeks of summer. So what can families do to make the first day easier? We checked in with some of our own experts - Salina Public Schools teachers and administrators! Read on for tips to help your child succeed from day one.
Jessica Steele, Cottonwood Kindergarten Teacher
Have a family evening routine. With work schedules, after-school activities and homework, life can be unpredictable and vary every day. However, having a general routine, like reading every night after dinner or having a set bedtime can help your student excel both physically and mentally.

Establish a morning routine, an “I love you” ritual. For instance, when you drop your student off, give them a quick hug and kiss. Tell them, “I love you, have a great day at school, and I can’t wait to see you when you get home!” This makes mornings predictable for your student, and can help start the day off smoothly. 

Brandon Cheeks, Sunset Principal
Build excitement about school! Visit with students the days leading up to school about what they are looking forward to. Come to your school’s Meet the Teacher Night or Open House. Develop routines and make sure your child gets a good night’s rest for the school day.

Kate Gabriel, Stewart 1st Grade Teacher
 Show them excitement! Be enthusiastic- put a big smile on your face and get them excited when talking about school and dropping them off, even though you might have other feelings, like sadness about them getting older!
Sarah Floyd, South MS 7th Grade Reading
If your student is walking home, walk the path with them so everyone is more comfortable with it. The same applies if your student is riding a city bus or if they are getting picked up. Decide where you are going to pick them up and discuss where they should go if it doesn't work according to plan.
Have your student memorize a parent or guardian's phone number. Their cell phone might not always be charged and they might need to contact you.
Kelsey Plummer, Cottonwood Certified Interventionist
Getting back on a schedule can be tough for some students. Establishing a consistent nighttime and morning routine can make the transition from summer to school much easier for students, parents, and teachers!

Also, a new school year can be daunting to students and they may be experiencing some anxious feelings. Help your student to prepare for the school year by having conversations about what to expect in their new grade and address their worries ahead of time. Speak positively and remind your students that they can do hard things and that you are their biggest supporters!

Kristen Fox, South HS Math Teacher
To make the first day of school easier, families can spend some time going over student handbooks together. When students know what to expect at school, the transition from summer break to school can be much smoother! 

Lori Munsell, Heusner Principal
Treat your child's first day of school with excitement and positive energy. Your son or daughter is off on a great adventure where they will make new friends, learn new skills and grow as learners!

A great tip that Lori heard from an experienced parent when dropping off littles for the first day is, “Short goodbyes and long hellos!” Remember that your child takes their cues from you. If you are anxious or sad your child pairs that with school. Let them see your excitement for school. Let them know that you are confident in them.
Marcy Boyer, Stewart 2nd Grade Teacher
If at all possible please come to the “meet the teacher” night (Stewart's is Wednesday!) before school starts. That’s a great way to see where their classroom is located, meet their teacher, and to drop off school supplies that they have. That way they might not be quite as nervous about their first day of school.