USD 305 Program Behavioral Health Needs

USD 305 Program Addresses Growing Behavioral Health Needs
Posted on 01/17/2022
On its own, growing up is challenging. The impacts of COVID intensify that and schools have seen more students in need of behavioral health services. 

USD 305 participates in the Mental Health Intervention Team program that combines school and community support in a new way. The program placed liaisons in schools who connect families with mental health providers.  
Lambard Lacy
Kelsey Lombard, school social worker, works with Jaclyn Lacy, community based services case manager, at Central High School.
School liaisons present options to families and support them throughout the referral process. Trained mental health providers in our community provide the actual services.

“The Mental Health Intervention Team program is important to help students succeed at school and home,” said Tiffany Lowe, Director of Student Support Services. “This collaborative way of supporting individual students has shown positive results for many students in USD 305.”

The need for this program is evident and continues to grow. This year’s mid-year report reveals 463 students receiving services this school year. Last school year’s mid-year report was 386.

Program outcomes include improved internalized and externalized behaviors, improved attendance and academics. Learn more by watching Lowe’s presentation at the January 11 Board of Education meeting on the district’s YouTube channel, USD305.