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October 13 2020

October 13, 2020
Posted on 10/14/2020
sept 8 boe meeting



October 13, 2020


Personnel Report

Transfer of Certified Contract(s) for 2020-2021

  • Brown, Michelle, grade 4/Cottonwood Elementary, Title I grade 4/Cottonwood Elementary
  • LeSage, Blanca, grade 2 Title I/Cottonwood Elementary, grade 4/Cottonwood Elementary

Certified Resignation(s) Subject to Liquidated Damages for 2020-2021

  • Foster, Mary, special education, Central High School

Certified Resignation(s) at the end of 2020-2021

  • Morris, David, physical education/health, Central High School
  • Morris, Sarah, grade 1, Meadowlark Elementary
  • Trow, Michael, history and government, Central High School

Appointment of Supplemental Contract(s) for 2020-2021

  • Curry, Luke, assistant baseball coach, Central High School
  • Dohm, Jamie, assistant track coach, South Middle School
  • Windholz, Callie, assistant girls basketball coach grade 7, Lakewood Middle School

Resignation of Supplemental Contract(s) for 2020-2021

  • McCorkle, Preston, assistant wrestling coach, South Middle School

Classified Appointment(s) for 2020-2021

  • Allen, Rashun, assistant boys basketball coach, Central High School
  • Bennet, Tierra, paraeducator, Coronado Elementary
  • Bridson, Jessica, paraeducator, Heusner Elementary
  • Carpenter, Hunter, overnight custodian, Central High School
  • Chambers, Cory, assistant wrestling coach, South Middle School
  • Cochran, Justin, instructional assistant II, District Office
  • Deese, Christine, paraeducator, Lakewood Middle School
  • Demel, Kiley, paraeducator, CKCIE/Central Plains
  • Edmondson, Jennifer, paraeducator, CKCIE/Abilene
  • Flores-Meza, Nanci, paraeducator, South Middle School
  • Francis, Emily, .7 FTE paraeducator, Stewart Elementary
  • Garwood, Cortney, paraeducator, Heusner Elementary
  • Grant, Devin, paraeducator, South Middle School
  • Harris, Jharmaine, paraeducator, South Middle School
  • Herlan, Lori, paraeducator, CKCIE/Ellsworth
  • Lewis, Jeannie, lunchroom aide, Meadowlark Elementary
  • Libal, Johanna, instructional assistant II, District Office
  • Locklear, Crystal, paraeducator, Heusner Elementary
  • McLaughlin, Elena, food service worker II, Stewart Elementary
  • McMahon, Elizabeth, food service bookkeeper I, Meadowlark Elementary
  • McMillan, Cerissa, paraeducator, Meadowlark Elementary
  • Merrill, Katie, paraeducator, Schilling Elementary
  • Miller, Marion, assistant boys basketball coach, Central High School
  • Myers, Allie, head volleyball coach, Lakewood Middle School
  • Myers, Shea, teacher assistant II, Heartland Programs
  • Pfannenstill, Gayle, instructional assistant II, District Office
  • Pierce, Sandra, paraeducator, CKCIE/White City
  • Pinkall, Kimberly, receptionist, Lakewood Middle School
  • Ragnoni, Denise, paraeducator, CKCIE/Bennington
  • Riffel, Heather, paraeducator, CKCIE/Abilene
  • Sherode, Olivia, paraeducator, Sunset Elementary
  • Solt, Kay, paraeducator, CKCIE/Bennington
  • Swanson, Madison, paraeducator, Coronado Elementary
  • Todd, Pamela, paraeducator, Schilling Elementary
  • Toney, Brenda, night custodian, Meadowlark Elementary
  • Valle Zapata, Leamsi, paraeducator, Hageman
  • Varnadore, Tori, paraeducator, Sunset Elementary
  • Williams, Melissa, paraeducator, Heusner Elementary

Classified Transfer(s) for 2020-2021

  • Boyer, Kimberly, lunchroom aide/Stewart Elementary, lunchroom aide, Coronado Elementary
  • Brown, Darcy, building operator/South High School, facility manager/South High School
  • Chaput, Michael, delivery driver – food service/South High School, delivery driver – food service/Kitchen II
  • Davis, Eric, instructional assistant II/Sunset Elementary, instructional assistant II/South Middle School
  • Glavin, Dustin, building operator/Central High School, facility manager/Central High School
  • Lewis, E, cashier/cook/Kitchen II, food service worker II/Kitchen II
  • Loder, Mitchell, HVAC maintenance specialist/Operations Center, HVAC manager/Operations Center
  • Minjares-Depalacios, Jessica, .5625 FTE food service worker I/South High School, .75 FTE food service worker 1/South High School

Classified Retirement(s) for 2020-2021

  • Hein, Johna, paraeducator, Central High School

Classified Resignation(s) for 2020-2021

  • Allen, Jillian Brooke, paraeducator, CKCIE/White City
  • Anderson, Linda, assistant cheer sponsor, Central High School
  • Andrewson, Angela, paraeducator, Hageman
  • Bowden, Kylee, paraeducator, Heusner Elementary
  • Brummer, Jennifer, administrative assistant I, Lakewood Middle School
  • Callaham, Ashley, paraeducator, CKCIE/White City
  • Callison, Mackenzie, assistant girls soccer, Central High School
  • DeLeon, Angeles, bilingual educator, Cottonwood Elementary
  • Estes, Jessica, teacher assistant II, Heartland Programs
  • Flores-Meza, Nanci, paraeducator, South Middle School
  • Giles, Melody, paraeducator, Coronado Elementary
  • Holcom, Payton, paraeducator, Heusner Elementary
  • Lyman, Christie, paraeducator, Lakewood Middle School
  • Nava Pinedo, Maria, food service worker II, South High School
  • Nowak, Cheryl, instructional assistant II, Heusner Elementary School
  • Olson, David, paraeducator, South High School
  • Rouse, Erin, paraeducator, Schilling Elementary
  • Salinas, Alexandria, paraeducator, Coronado Elementary
  • Samaniego, Luz, food service worker I, South Middle School
  • Shelby, Cindy, paraeducator, South High School
  • Walter, Brent, food service delivery driver, South High School
  • Wands, Stephanie, teacher assistant II, Heartland Programs
  • Wendt, Debbie, paraeducator, Meadowlark Elementary
  • Wisdom, Trisha, paraeducator, Coronado Elementary


Encumbrance Listings

The board of education approved the following encumbrances: (1) New Directions, $24,931.20, Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) renewal; (2) Dell, $68,097.50, purchase of 50 laptops for CKCIE; (3) CDW-G, $55,930, 35 SWIVL starter kits; (4) Apple, $39,400, 63 iPads for CKCIE, 35 SWIVL and 2 stock; (4) Building Control Services, Inc., $20,952, Central High School Modular Equipment Controller (MEC) panel; (5) Kansas City Audio-Visual (KCAV) $84,075, audio conferencing equipment to create a mobile video conferencing system for elementary and secondary schools; (6) Optiv, $132,403.22, local traffic manager with software and support.


South Middle Fundraising Activity

The board of education approved the fundraising activity for South Middle School as per Policy JHA-Fundraising Activities.


FY20 Audit

The board of education received the audit for fiscal year 2020.


Board Policy

The board of education approved on second reading the following policies: Preface, BCBJ-News  Coverage, CF-Board-Superintendent Relations, CN-Public Records, DFE-Investment of Funds, GAAB-Complaints of Discrimination, GAAC-Sexual Harassment, GAAD-Child Abuse, GAOC-Use of Tobacco Products and Nicotine-Delivery Devices on District Property, HAE-Board Negotiating Agents, IC-Curriculum Development, IJ-Evaluation of Instructional Program, JBC-School Admissions, JBCB-Foster Care Students, JBCD-Assignment of Students to Attendance Centers, JCDAA-Use of Tobacco Products and Nicotine-Delivery Devices, JGEC-Sexual Harassment, JQKA-Foreign Exchange Students, KMA-Tobacco-Free School Grounds for Visitors, KN-Complaints, and KNA-Complaints Regarding Child Nutrition Programs.


Busing Agreement

The board of education renewed the agreement with Twin Valley School District for another five years to run through 2025.


2020 KASB Delegate and Alternate

The board of education appointed Gabe Grant, president, as its representative to the Kansas Association of School Boards (KASB) Delegate Assembly to be scheduled during the KASB Annual Convention December 2-4, 2020. Dana Kossow, board member, was appointed as alternate.


Course Proposals

Curtis Stevens, director of secondary programs, reviewed the proposed dual credit opportunities for students in partnership with Kansas State University Polytechnic beginning 2021-2022. Sheila Shaffer, Central High School science teacher, and Larry Nutter, South High School science teacher, reviewed the proposed addition of Environmental Science courses as a credit-bearing science course beginning in 2021-2022.


School Board Reports

  • Mark Bandré, board member, attended two Smoky Hill Education Service Center Executive Cabinet meetings via Zoom.
  • Ann Zimmerman, board member, attended the unveiling of the new activity bus, the Equity Council meeting and the Salina Adult Education Center (SAEC) Advisory Board meeting.
  • Dana Kossow, board member, attended the Kansas Association of School Boards (KASB) Regional Roundtable virtual meeting.
  • Jim Fletcher, vice president, attended the mini retreat with USD 305 board members, the SAEC Advisory Board meeting and the KASB Regional Roundtable virtual meeting.
  • Scott Gardner, board member, attended the KASB Regional Roundtable virtual meeting, the Heartland Policy Council meeting and a Truancy Board meeting.
  • Emma Doherty, board member, attended the mini retreat with fellow board members and the KASB Regional Roundtable virtual meeting.
  • Gabe Grant, president, attended the mini retreat with USD 305 board members, the Central Kansas Cooperative in Education Board of Control meeting, the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board meeting and the Salina Chamber of Commerce Board meeting.


Upcoming Dates of Importance

  • Thursday, November 12, SHESC Legislative Luncheon, Trinity UMC, 9:30 a.m.
  • December 2-4, KASB Annual Convention, Virtual


Superintendent’s Report

Linn Exline, superintendent of schools, reported that the Equity Council arranged a Roots of Justice training for district administrators and that the training will return next summer to include a number of staff members. Superintendent Exline acknowledged the work of Tiffany Lowe, Equity Council co-leader and director of student support services. This fall, Tiffany has explored equity topics with building administrators and staff. Superintendent Exline hosted a Zoom meeting for teachers on Friday, communicating updates and answering questions. She noted that applications for certified nurse assistants are currently being accepted in order to provide additional support for school nurses, whose jobs have been expanded and greatly impacted by COVID-19 and contact tracing.


Executive Session

The board of education recessed into executive session for attorney/client. Recently, the Salina Public Entities reached a settlement agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers regarding the environmental contamination at the former Schilling Air Force Base.  In anticipation of court approval of the settlement and subsequent implementation of the environmental response activities, the board of education approved the Project Management Agreement governing the administration of that environmental response between the four Salina Public Entities.