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October 12 2021

October 12, 2021
Posted on 10/13/2021

October 12





October 12, 2021




Kelly Mobray, director of Salina Adult Education Center, gave a program update.


Personnel Report

Appointment of Certified Contract(s) for 2021-2022

  • Jaramillo, Kenny, high incidence special education teacher, Central High School
  • Wedel, Peyton, speech language pathologist, Southeast of Saline/CKCIE


Resignation of Certified Contract(s) at the end of 2021-2022

  • Westling, Tia, kindergarten teacher, Heusner Elementary


Appointment of Supplemental Contract(s) for 2021-2022

  • Burke, Elizabeth, secondary library media coordinator, South High School


Classified Appointment(s)

  • Anderson, Alan, building mechanic, Central High School
  • Anderson, Paige, paraeducator, Oakdale Elementary
  • Brown, Amanda, paraeducator, Abilene Preschool/CKCIE
  • Burch, Ariana, paraeducator, Oakdale Elementary
  • Castro, Maria, food service worker II, South High School
  • Estrada, Yamilka, paraeducator, Coronado Elementary
  • Garrison, Nancy, paraeducator, Schilling Elementary
  • Grant, Jeffery, paraeducator, South High School
  • Loy, Cynthia, paraeducator, Coronado Elementary
  • Lunsford, Sarah, paraeducator, Oakdale Elementary
  • Mizer, Diane, paraeducator, Abilene Preschool/CKCIE
  • Nelson, Kylie, paraeducator, Schilling Elementary
  • Patterson, Jessie, paraeducator, Minneapolis/North Ottawa/CKCIE
  • Ramirez, Alma, lunchroom aide, Coronado Elementary
  • Reyes Araujo, Gracia, paraeducator, Schilling Elementary
  • Riedel, Chelbie, paraeducator, Meadowlark Elementary
  • Shelby, Cindy, paraeducator, South Middle School
  • Sheppard, Meredith, paraeducator, Coronado Elementary
  • Summers, Mindy, paraeducator, Abilene Kennedy Elementary/CKCIE
  • Weeks, Randa, paraeducator, Ellsworth Elementary/CKCIE
  • Wiegert, Dayse, instructional assistant II, South Middle School


Classified Transfer(s)

  • Haigh, Katelyn, instructional assistant II/Cottonwood Elementary, paraeducator/Hageman/CKCIE
  • Herrera, Jesus, lunchroom aide/Coronado Elementary, food service worker II/Central High School
  • Scruby, Brittany, paraeducator/Abilene Preschool//CKCIE, paraeducator/St. Andrew’s Abilene/CKCIE


Classified Resignation(s)

  • Duran, Aries, ISS coordinator, Central High School
  • Graham, Meghann, lead preschool teacher, Heartland Early Education
  • Holdeman, Skylin, paraeducator, Herington Middle School/CKCIE
  • La Rosa, Debra, paraeducator, Herington Elementary/CKCIE
  • Myers, Shea, teacher assistant II, Heartland Early Education


Classified Retirement(s)

  • Bergman, Jan, paraeducator, Sunset Elementary
  • Hailey, Ruth, paraeducator, White City Elementary/CKCIE
  • Knott, Carol, food service worker II, Central High School


Encumbrance Listings

The board of education approved the following encumbrances: (1) Optiv, $62,523.84, local traffic manager with software and support; (2) New Directions, $24,816.72, Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) renewal; and (3) Vertiv, $29,236.82, renewal of maintenance contracts.


FY21 Audit

The board of education received the audit for fiscal year 2021.


Resolution to Levy Tax for Adult Basic Education

The board of education approved the resolution to levy tax for adult basic education.


Course Proposals and Program Updates

Curtis Stevens, director of secondary programs, reviewed proposed courses and program updates in partnership with Salina business and industry, Bethany College and Salina Area Technical College beginning 2022-2023.


School Board Reports

  • Mark Bandré, board member, attended the Salina Education Foundation (SEF) fall social event.
  • Gabe Grant, board member, attended the SEF fall social event and a Parks & Recreation Advisory Board meeting.
  • Dana Kossow, board member, attended School Marathon finales, the Central Kansas Cooperative in Education Board of Control meeting and toured Opportunity Now.
  • Ann Zimmerman, vice president, attended the Salina Adult Education Center Advisory Board meeting, the Equity Council meeting, a NEA Salina meeting and the SEF fall social event.
  • Scott Gardner, board member, attended the Head Start Policy Council meeting.
  • Emma Doherty, board member, attended the SEF fall social event and the CAPS banquet.
  • Jim Fletcher, president, attended the SEF fall social event, the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board meeting and many other events previously mentioned.


Upcoming Dates of Importance

  • November 5-7, KASB Conference, Overland Park
  • Wednesday, November 10, SHESC Legislative Luncheon, 9:30 a.m.
  • Thursday, November 11, Building Bridges, South High, 5:30 p.m.


Superintendent’s Report

Linn Exline, superintendent of schools, is attending Site Council meetings with Lisa Peters, executive director of business, where they are collecting community input about the expenditure of ESSER funds. She reported that they have received support to continue expenditures through ESSER I and II. More meetings are scheduled with various community groups in order to gather information. Staff will also be asked for their input on use of the ESSER funds. A Building Bridges event is planned for November 11 at South High School that will bring business and industry representatives together with educators to discuss the skills needed for high school students to experience success and how youth can be encouraged to stay in Salina or return to Salina after their schooling. The Test to Stay/Learn/Play/Participate program will be located at Salina West, 501 W. Cloud St. Final plans and details are still being determined, but testing will be available Monday-Friday, 5:45-6:45 in both a.m. and p.m. Sunday evenings will also offer a testing window from 5:45 – 6:45 p.m. Superintendent Exline is working with three district nurses and additional staff will be hired to support the program. Tests have been ordered, communications are being drafted and insurance is being evaluated. Superintendent Exline reported that the unaudited student enrollment count was 22 students less than last year. She shared that quarantines impacted the count but that opening Salina Virtual Innovation Academy helped to retain students who desired a virtual learning experience. She reported that the retention incentive is now in process. Superintendent Exline reported there were 14 (two of which are still being processed) COVID-19 cases last week, 19 quarantines and that 50 quarantines were avoided by masking. Saline County is still in the high transmission category according to the Centers for Disease Control and that school-aged youth data are higher than community data. She reported on her work with the United School Administrators of Kansas that will result in a legislative platform.


Executive Session

The board of education recessed into executive session to discuss personnel.



The board of education worked on strategic plan progress.