Administrative & Student Support

Family Resources, Suicide Prevention

The Educational Programs Department provides support to administrators, teachers, and parents in the following areas:

* At Risk Students * Bullying * Counseling
* DCF/Foster Care * Discipline * Emergencies
* Enrollment * Homeless * Legal
* Medical/Nurses * Parents * Policies
* Resource Officers * Summer School * Truancy

If you have any questions, please contact the following:

Shanna Rector

Shanna Rector
Executive Director


The Salina Public Schools supports each student's physical and emotional growth through developmentally appropriate curriculum and experiences. Our staff is committed to partnering with parents as a child's first and most important teacher! Learning doesn't begin or end with textbooks. Respect for others, respect for self, honesty, fairness and integrity - all are emphasized in daily life in Salina USD 305 schools