Professional Development Handbook 2019-20

Annual PDC Training Video 2018-2019

Professional Development Council Representatives

The PDC for Salina Public Schools is the District School Improvement Team, and its members serve as building PDC contacts. Each PDC representative is elected by the group he or she represents, and each serves a 3-year term.



Year Term Expires

Coronado Elementary

Nick Neuburger

May 201 9

Cottonwood Elementary

Molly Cherry

May 2021

Heusner Elementary

Barbara Bartz

May 2021

Meadowlark Elementary

Corey Ritter

May 2021

Oakdale Elementary

Patricia Huerta

May 2020

Schilling Elementary

Rebecca Bowman

May 2021

Stewart Elementary

Jody Craddock-Iselin

May 2019

Sunset Elementary

Carol Allen

May 2021

Lakewood Middle School

Jennifer Griffin

May 2020

South Middle School

Kathy Clark

May 2020

Central High School

Kim Bruner

May 2021

South High School

Brenda Geist

May 2019

Salina West

Annette Hays

May 2020


Peggy Aschenbrenner

May 2019

Elementary Administrator

Lonny Schropp

May 2019

Secondary Administrator

Tina Akers

May 2019

CKCIE Administrator

Brandi Calahan

May 2019

District Administrator

Heidi Paquin


*Per KSDE, Heartland is a non-accredited agency. Therefore the representative from Heartland must be a non-voting member.

2018-2019 PDC Officers

Chairperson Jennifer Griffin
Vice-Chair Nick Neuburger
Secretary Kathy Clark

If you have questions about the professional development process, contact your building representative.

PDC Meetings 2018-2019
All meetings begin at 4:10 P.M.

Executive Meetings PDC Committee Meetings
District Office -Corner Staff Development
Conference Room Computer Lab
Tuesday Aug 14 Monday Aug. 27
Tuesday Sept 18 Monday Sept 24 - Read Only
Tuesday Oct 16 Monday Oct 22
Tuesday Nov 20 Monday Nov 26 - Read Only
Tuesday Jan 22 Monday Jan 28
Tuesday Feb 19 Monday Feb 25 - Read Only
Tuesday March 19 Monday March 25

Executive Meeting dates subject to change. Summer readings will be scheduled at the May PDC meeting.