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Libraries: Catalog Access and Parental Oversight

Library Policies

Library Catalog Access for Families:

Parents have access to the library materials currently checked out by their student(s). For access, parents will have their student log into Destiny, the library card catalog:
  1. Go to the school’s website.
  2. Under the Our School tab, click on Library.
  3. Under Library, click on the school’s library Card Catalog tab.
  4. For your student to log in, they can click the Log In button on the top right corner.
  5. Next, click on the Sign in with Google button.
Process for Parental Oversight:
Library media specialists should be contacted directly if parents would like to provide expressed permission before their student checks out any book. At elementary, the library media specialist will notify parent by email or phone regarding the book the student would like to check out to get permission. At middle school and high school, the student will provide their parent with the title of the book they wish to check out. The parent will contact the library media specialist by email or phone to give permission.
Checking Out Materials and Loan Periods:

Students may check out books for a two week period. (The number of books a student can checkout depends on the student’s grade level.)

Middle School:
Students may check out 3 books for a three week checkout period.

High School:
Students may check out 8 books for a three week checkout period.