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Spring Weather Safety

Spring Weather Safety

The safety of all students, staff and visitors is a top priority for Salina USD 305. Weather-related emergencies are of special concern during the next few months. For most weather-related activities it is not necessary to close schools. For example, we do not close for tornado watches or warnings. We have emergency procedures that we follow for these situations. We practice these procedures with our students and staff on a regular basis.


During the School Day: If a tornado warning (meaning a tornado has been sighted) is issued, students and school employees take refuge in the storm shelters until an "all clear" is given by emergency preparedness officials. We discourage any student being removed by a parent or guardian from the storm shelter during a tornado warning.


Bus Routes: If a tornado warning (meaning a tornado has been sighted) is issued while students are on buses, the buses will proceed to the nearest school and students will take cover in that school's storm shelter. Once emergency officials have issued an “all clear,” bus routes will resume and students will be returned safely home. 


Communication: Communication is critical during any crisis. The school district uses the School Messenger to email, call and text parents about emergencies. Information is posted on the district's social accounts such as InstagramTwitter and FacebookThe district also uses Salina-area media, including radio, online news and television stations, to update parents during emergency situations. 


It is not necessary to call the school to inform us that a tornado or thunderstorm warning/watch has been issued. All schools carefully monitor weather conditions through multiple sources, including:

·       NOAA weather radio (with alarm system)

·       The Weather Channel

·       Direct contact with Saline County Emergency Management Officials


Generally, the schools get severe weather alerts before they are broadcast on TV or radio. By the time you are notified at home we have already activated emergency procedures at school.


After-School and Extra-Curricular Activities: During periods of severe weather, students will not be allowed outside to participate in after-school activities or extra-curricular events. We also monitor weather conditions in other parts of the state before allowing students to travel to any extra-curricular activities. It is possible that we will cancel our participation in events if we believe travel conditions to be life-threatening.



Radio Stations
  • KSAL 1150 AM
  • KYEZ 93.7 FM
  • KZBZ 104.9 FM
  • KSAJ 98.5 FM
  • KBLS 102.5 FM
  • KABI 1560 AM
  • KSKG 99.9 FM
  • KINA 910 AM
  • KCVS 91.7 FM
  • KQNS 95.5 FM
  • KILS 92.7 FM
  • KHCC/KHCD 89.5 FM
  • KNCK 1390 AM
  • KISS 94.9 FM
  • WIBW 580 AM
  • WIBW 94.5 FM

TV Stations

  • KSN-TV3 Channel 3
  • KAKE TV Channel 10
  • KWCH-TV Channel 12
  • KSNT Channel